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Super-bishie tech-nerd

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Wow, Google has completely overhauled and supercharged the device migration experience in 7.1.

The Pixel XL is now copying my SMSes, 43GB of photos/videos, and 6GB of music over USB-C - something I would have had to do manually before. This is as close to iPhone levels of device migration as Android has ever gotten.

The operation is expected to take about 30 minutes, during which I can complete the setup, but can't use the phone yet (which is perfectly fine).

This still leaves the whole process of logging into apps, and I'm not sure if it'll migrate my GNL setup to the Pixel Launcher, but so far a very positive out-of-the-box experience .

Edit: GNL -> Pixel Launcher automatic migration was a success, though I lost a row (Pixel Launcher has 4 rows on the main screen, not 5), and that row has spilled into other homescreens.
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Vår partiledare Magnus Andersson har bloggat om Spridningskollen som försöker tjäna pengar på andras skapelser genom att hitta de abonnemang som fildelar och sedan skicka "förlikningar" eller bluffakturor till de som äger abonnemangen. Utan att ha bevis för att det är de som har fildelat. För bevisen täcker inte vem som fildelar, bara vem som står för abonnemanget. Vilket inte kan hålla i ett tvistemål.
Vår starkaste rekommendation är att bestrida om du skulle få ett brev från Spridningskollen, mer detaljer finns i hans blogginlägg.
Om du betalar så ger du bara incitament att fortsätta och så finansierar du deras högst tveksamma verksamhet, gör inte det.

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Offentlig konst är redan betald en gång, men upphovsrättslobbyn fortsätter klaga, nu på Pokémon Go.

Efter ett beslut i Högsta domstolen tidigare i år stod det klart att det inte var fritt att sprida foton av offentlig konst på nätet. Men nu sprids bilder på offentlig konst i succéspelet Pokémon Go, något som bekymrar föreningen Bildupphovsrätt.

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Nu har vi fått bekräftat att det var fildelning som Datalagringsdirektivet #DLD skulle användas till. Något som vi sa redan när det infördes.

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Just a small news to announce the support of armhf architecture for jessie-daily pantheon-desktop branch, which can be installed under raspbian jessie distribution. But notice, I cannot test it under my raspberrypi since it was break, and I waiting for a new one. If somebody try it, please share some screenshot and feedback, thanks.

Elsewhere I have published a small wiki page at for install instructions.

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After years of upsizing, what happens when smartphones try to shrink?

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“The Room 3” plunges you into an atmospheric mystery full of tactile puzzles to keep you up past your bedtime.

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Motorola as a brand is dead. Such a sad, sad, SAD, news item to report. Lenovo is killing the iconic name and brand of the company that pioneered mobile communications. The new brand will be "Moto by Lenovo".

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My evolution using Android..
Get Android... 
Learn to root..
Learn to flash ROM..
become flashaholic flashing multiple ROMs per day crack flashing.
Never having the same ROM/setup for two days in a row
Want more power....
Flash a custom kernel.....
Too much battery being used
Now horsepower  is not so important.. Need more battery life...
Need to squeeze more battery life out of device
Tired of custom kernel stability(even when not OC/UC UV)
Stock kernel... custom ROM, rooted..
Tired of all the bugs and little nuisances in custom ROMS..
Stock rom, stock kernel... still rooted of course
Root?  I don't need root anymore..
Completely bone stock
The end...

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Help please: Is there any qualified motorola vendor in genova that could open and repair my phone without touching emmc?
Notes: My Italian is not good enough to find this info myself.
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