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Jason Sutor
Guru of medical devices, exotic fruit, coding, 80's music and babies
Guru of medical devices, exotic fruit, coding, 80's music and babies

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At the festival of fruit in San Luis Obispo!

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Far West Fungi field trip March 20, 2016
Toured the facilities, ate more than I should have at the awesome potluck and then loaded up our car with mushroom blocks. Amazing day.

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It's scion exchange time. Another year and another year's worth of patents have expired and can be exchanged freely at the scion exchange.
I've spent several years maintaining a giant spreadsheet of all tasty fruit patents to track what's active and what's expired. (see attached link)

Highlights from this year's patent expirations:
Plum 'Emerald Beaut'
Pluot 'Dapple Dandy'
Nectarine 'Liz's Late'
Nectarine 'Honey Kist'
Nectarine 'Arctic Star/Gold/Sweet'
Peach 'Zee Diamond'
Apricot 'Robada'
Avocado varieties 'Sir-Prize', 'Lamb Hass' and 'Fruta De Oro'

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I'm pretty sure my table is correct but there may be errors in my data. Check with a real lawyer before taking on any major propagation efforts with potentially patented material.

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Pereskia madness! I have 3 fruiting Pereskia cactus here in Redwood City.
Pereskia are a genus of cactus with leaves and beautiful flowers, they are known as rose cactus.

First is Pereskia aculeata (pic with my hand in it). I ended up with a plain green strain. It shot out a single shoot 8' this year and I thought it was never going to flower, but apparently it did produce flowers and now there are small pea sized yellow fruit developing. According to the web the flowers are supposed to be somewhat showy and the fruit are supposed to be larger. Hopefully they ripen and I can get a taste.

Next up is the Pereskia grandiflora with pink flowers and appears spineless. Beautiful flowers and some interesting fruit are developing. No flowers now but in the coming months it will be flush with blooms.

Last up is what I think is Pereskia grandiflora. Unlike my other specimen this one has magenta flowers and is spiny. I found it for sale at Orchard Supply as Pereskia diaz-romeroana but I'm positive it isn't that. It has a very large fruit developing with 'wings' growing off of it.

Anyone else growing these?

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Trying to plan for a fruit garden in foggy Pacific Grove at about 200' elevation so out of the salty sea mist area.
Ideas for rare fruit that works with low heat?
Already going to do lemons, limes, low heat figs and apples. Going to attempt fruiting avocados and mandarins.
What about cherimoya, macadamia and white sapote, will they fruit without heat?
Any other ideas?

Anyone in the SF Bay Area have any Pawpaw fruit available?

I've only tasted Pawpaw once and couldn't make it to Ohio last week for the annual Pawpaw festival.

Found a charging bug in the HTC One M8. While plugged in to some of my USB chargers, every ~10s the 'quickcharge' feature decides to say my phone isn't charging for a few hundred ms. The result is that the screen turns back on every 10 seconds making the charge excessively slow.

Here is 1 cycle of the log:
05-27 00:01:07.212   851   851 I quickcharge: DCP disconnect event
05-27 00:01:07.962   851   851 I quickcharge: DCP connect event
05-27 00:01:07.962   851   867 I quickcharge: HVDCP detection begin
05-27 00:01:09.472   851   867 I quickcharge: HVDCP not connected
05-27 00:01:17.432   851   851 I quickcharge: DCP disconnect event
05-27 00:01:18.272   851   851 I quickcharge: DCP connect event
05-27 00:01:18.272   851   867 I quickcharge: HVDCP detection begin

Solution appears to be to charge with a USB cable (connected to either a PC or power adapter) and not a direct plug in power cable.

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Stanford cactus garden flowering cacti.

Up to 4 BSOD with Firefox + Windows 7 while registering for #IO13
I don't think fate wants me to go. This is the third year I'm going to fail at getting #GoogleIO tickets.
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