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Back to school tomorrow...
I'm pretty sure school has already started in the Northern Hemisphere, so lucky me! :)
Although it's still school so, meh. 

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WOW, this is so cute and amazing! 
That cat is brilliant :)

Dogs are natural enemies of cats. But not Terfel and Pwditat. Terfel, a blind dog in Holyhead, North Wales is enjoying walkies again thanks to Pwditat, a stray cat.

Eight-year-old Terfel kept bumping into things and spent most of his time stuck in his basket after being diagnosed with cataracts. Things changed when owner Judy Godfrey-Brown let a stray cat into her home.

The cat walked up to Terfel and led him out of his basket and into the garden. She has been helping him find his way around ever since, The Sun reported.

"I've never seen anything like it most cats and dogs hate each other," Judy, a retired civil servant said. "But Pwditat immediately seemed to know that Terfel is blind."

"She uses her paws to help guide him. They are glued to each other and even sleep together now," Judy was quoted as saying.


I hope you have a great birthday :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It feels like 2012 was only yesterday... ;)

Merry Christmas to you all!
So excited... :)

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Does Australia have Christmas before America & England?
Because tomorrow is Christmas for us Aussies, but is that the same for other countries?

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I just love this!!
Putting the finishing touches to our giant #CadburyChristmas  scene...

Head to the #CadburyKitchen G+ Community for more inspiration: !

I live in Australia, so it's already the 21st of December 2012.
I am still alive, posting this.
Scientists, I think you got it wrong.
#FAIL #endoftheworld

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Check out my micronation's radio station! Progressing rather slowly, but we have our first episode up :)
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