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Renco Smeding
BI/Web Analytics - Working with QlikView, Google Analytics, Webtrends and Omniture
BI/Web Analytics - Working with QlikView, Google Analytics, Webtrends and Omniture

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I finally got some time to write blog content. For the data nerds among us my take on recent developments within the Google Analytics and Big Data industry.

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In an excellent post called "Big Data – What It Means For The Digital Analyst"+Stephane Hamel started a discussion on how big data relates to digital analytics  Below I have written my thoughts on this area. I hope that other people will also join the discussion.

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Great overview of new Google Analytics features

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I see so few companies who can leverage this today. In fact, as I pointed out a few weeks ago the rich get richer and many companies are data rich but optimization poor -

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I gave a keynote this morning at a Silicon Valley tech company.

Took this picture in their breakroom. It tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the valley culture.

And you'll smile. :)

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Great post on Social Business Intelligence - something QVSource is already enabling for QlikView users around the globe.

Drivers of Social Business Intelligence

- Marketing Optimization. Marketing has long been an early adopter of social media, and it’s no different with social business intelligence. Now instead of reports and dashboards that merely show the what, marketers can find out the why. With social business intelligence, companies can craft much more detailed yet fully integrated qualitative pictures of the inbound funnel, identify why engagement strategies are working or not, and organize systematic, yet mass-customized responses in scale.

- Capturing Ideas and Unmet Needs. Going beyond the trend analysis of analytics allows the processing and isolation of the deeper implications of social media activity. Social business intelligence can capture innovation, new ideas from the marketplace, identify customer wants and desires, and identify the gaps in your organization’s services.

- Situational Awareness. Identifying and tracking the top trends, understanding when critical situations arise to protect customer experience or brand, and much more. Going well beyond low-level analytics, social business intelligence can help make sense of more data than any manual or raw analytic process ever could.

- Customer Care Opportunities. Fully empowering Social CRM, social business intelligence can augment the interaction with customers in social media by improving the triage, prioritization, and resolution process of customer care.

- Sentiment Analysis. While social analytics can provide some basic insight into a customer’s state of mind, only more sophisticated methods can semantically process and assess the actual meaning of the social media conversations involving your company or its products in order to derive actionable insight.

Read the full article for more!

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Wrote a new blogpost called “Twitter Analytics in QlikView - Finding Top Influencers” Don't forget to check it out!

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