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Sea Clear Watermakers
The Boat Watermaker Designed For Cruisers By Cruisers
The Boat Watermaker Designed For Cruisers By Cruisers

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Another myth: Watermakers can’t be used in harbors and anchorages because the water is too dirty.

Yet another myth - watermakers use a lot of power. Let's think about this logically...

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Can you keep a secret? Our product development team has been busy working on a new product...a self-contained gas-powered watermaker. How cool is that?

Time to cover our 3rd watermaker myth...watermakers are a big ol' hassle to store when not in use. What?!?! That's crazy talk!

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MYTH #2: Watermakers are very time consuming and expensive to maintain.

THE REALITY: If you properly care for your watermaker in the first place, it requires very little maintenance and is much less of a drain on your time and your wallet when compared to other systems.

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MYTH #1: Watermakers are too expensive.

THE REALITY: It's true that a yacht watermaker is no small purchase; it's an investment that must be carefully considered. Yet, watermakers are really no more expensive than many other pieces of marine gear and can provide you with convenience, flexibility and peace of mind.

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As the fall boat shows kick into gear, you're probably considering various additions to your boat. If you're thinking about a watermaker, it's important to have a balanced view of this potential investment. Over the next few weeks, we'll discuss some of the common "watermaker myths" floating around...

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See photos of our watermaker installed on a Dreadnought 32 sailboat with a Yanmar 3YM-30 engine
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You can now buy a watermaker online! Visit our website, select your watermaker kit and checkout. What could be simpler?

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Have you heard about the CYBA's 2012 campaign, "Going Green To Save The Blue"? Their focus is to decrease the waste from bottled water on charters by encouraging the use of desalinated water instead. Read more about this and other environmentally friendly practices in this great article.
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