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Larry Dolan
Nothing is as it seems...
Nothing is as it seems...

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Stop trying to tell me how to speak, or what words I should or shouldn't say. You are free to not listen. I am free to speak my mind. Don't attempt to force your assumptions or labels upon me. As I always say, PC is for pussys.

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Dear entertainment industry, please entertain. That is your job. Not social political commentary. You represent nothing. Your opinion is just that, and of no more importance that of someone that actually works, and has a real job. In fact potentially less. You do not live in the real world. Awards ceremonies are arenas for thanks and praise, not political forums. When a normal person is given a gift, they give thanks. Not an asinine rambling diatribe. This is my opportunity to do something for humanity and ask you to STFU. Go back to your overpaid world of make believe and pretend you add value.

FYI, the only way the President of the United States is not your president, is if you are not a US citizen or resident. 

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A new beginning, a new hope. Congratulations President Trump.

Chicago NYE television is so po-dunk. Wish we were a big city. 

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Ya Bruh, these are the socks I'm wearing today. So what?
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