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Love the format of your show. Fast, funny, while being informative with the need to know basics. Plus, you guys are laid back without being so serious like most in the tech field, bringing actual entertainment to the tech media industry. And i just gotta give you a +1 for being an awesome ginger, gaming, tech girl with a sense of humor and a touch of #AwesomeSauce for good measure.
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More epic battles of the rapping........
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Thanks for the Review. I really wish Google would allow more native support of their services on the Modern Interface, I use non-touch 8.1 laptop, and I'm invested in both MS & Googles ecosystem.  Since Googles services through Packaged Apps work great on the desktop mode, it must just be their mobile competition keeping them from supporting or disincentivising 3rd party support of their services.......Such as the flare up over MS making a good YT app because it wasn't fully HTML5 (violating their TOS), even though other platforms aren't HTML5 only versions and Google isn't blocking them. 
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Event-driven Web Framework from Twitter

Flight is a lightweight, component-based, event-driven JavaScript framework that maps behavior to DOM nodes. It was created at Twitter, and is used by the and TweetDeck web applications.


Why Flight?

Flight is distinct from existing frameworks in that it doesn't prescribe or provide any particular approach to rendering or providing data to a web application.

It's agnostic to how requests are routed, which templating language you use or even if you render your HTML on the client or the server.

While some web frameworks encourage developers to arrange their code around a prescribed model layer, Flight is organized around the existing DOM model with functionality mapped directly to DOM nodes.

Flight is only ~5K minified and gzipped.

It's built upon jQuery, and has first-class support for Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) and Bower.

Flight components are highly portable and easily testable.

This is because a Flight component (and its API) is entirely decoupled from other components.

Flight components communicate only by triggering and subscribing to events.

Flight also includes a simple and safe mixin infrastructure, allowing components to be easily extended with minimal boilerplate.


How does it work?

Flight enforces strict separation of concerns. When you create a component you don't get a handle to it.

Consequently, components cannot be referenced by other components and cannot become properties of the global object tree.

This is by design.

Components do not engage each other directly; instead, they broadcast their actions as events which are subscribed to by other components.


Why Events?

Events are open ended. When a component triggers an event it has no knowledge of how its request will be satisfied or by whom.

This enforced decoupling of functionality allows the engineer to consider each component in isolation rather than having to reason about the growing complexity of the application as a whole.


Mobility and Testing

Each component is a module, which aside from a minimal set of standard dependencies (relevant Flight utilities and mixins), has no reference to the outside world.

Thus a given component will respond to a given event in the same way, regardless of environment.

This makes testing both simple and reliable — events are essentially the only variable and a production event is easy to replicate in testing.

You can even debug a component by triggering events in the console.



A mixin defines a set of functionality that is useful to more than one object.

Flight comes with built-in support for functional mixins, including protection against unintentional overrides and duplicate mixins.

While classical JavaScript patterns support only single inheritance, a component (or other object) can have multiple mixins applied to it.

Moreover mixins requires a fraction of the boilerplate required to form traditional classical hierarchies out of constructor-prototypes hybrids, and don't suffer the leaky abstractions of the latter ('super', 'static', 'const' etc.)


Supported Browsers:

* Chrome
* Firefox
* Safari
* Opera
* IE 7+


Image / Source:


Example App in the Form of an Email Client:

Demo / Example App:

Source / Example App:




GitHub / Download:


License(s) / Copyright:

The MIT License (MIT)

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

Copyright 2013 Twitter, Inc and other contributors.
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Twiztid, come on guys, (just twit and FB) please make a G+ page and put it in your promotional material. There is a Juggalo family community here, and a shout out to +Boy Blue from G+ and YouTube, for promoting Juggalos, Twiztid, ICP, and the underground. You guys are about the best lyricist's in music for decades, and your devoted fans on G+ would love to follow and interact. Be it a professional page or profiles, G+ has so many avenues to promote Twiztid as the M.F.S. through hangouts, android, docs, and so many other communication and promotional tools. Not all of us use Twitter and Facebook.
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+Mike Spohn your dumb, anybody that has a gmail has a Google plus account, and its not even a social network related community. More for getting information out there and starting forum discussions, where anybody can comment. way more technical than Facebook and Tshitter
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Michael Sweeney

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For the lulzzzzzz,
Because I'm Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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#DrWho & Capaldi are a great highlight for understanding great cultural & social changes, exchanges, and adaptations. And who just doesn't love the way in which societies and culture constantly change and adapt to what are considered acceptable social norms, beliefs, values, and actions. Be it technological advancements, or media expansion dually providing a true reflection of society, like a mirror, while also influencing the mass mainstream adoption of & acceptance with various subcultures. Integrating, absorbing, altering, or even a strictly held adoption of a subcultures role, identity, or statuses by way of rejecting the traditionally held social views of those qualities.

Like the rise of the anti-hero in pop-culture, (think of The Rock, Stone Cold, The Dark Knight, Hell Boy, The Punisher, or a cursing, abrasive, self-focused rough-neck pulled into performing virtuous acts, with these characters replacing both the traditional view of & the equally rigid structure, role, and qualities found during the the golden age of heroes & villains as the central character held in regard by society and their stories, and oral traditions.
The antiheroes embody qualities of both hero and villain, bringing a new emotional investment with the characters which traditional hero/villain characters would never be able to achieve under their rigid codes.

The Anti-hero embodies the Gray choices real individuals and societies struggle with, being naturally bound in the human condition, in contrast to the clear cut, black & white choices & decisions, guided by the clearly defined rigid moral boundaries of what is Right & just, or Wrong & immoral, in the actions and motive's behind the traditional hero/villain characters.

While we still hold traditional hero and villain characters in high regard, it is the anti-hero who is influencing today's social and cultural acceptance to our changing values and norms of what constitutes what is acceptable, tolerable, Right, Wrong or Indifferent. From the commonality and acceptance of cursing, to making life & death moral decisions when faced at a life changing cross road. For the antiheroes, everything does not resolve perfect and consequence free. They will experience some form of loss or hardships, which define their character, resulting in their sometimes questionable choices when faced with future experiences.

While we know and accept "the doctor always lies", being a refined, yet eccentric form of an antihero character in his own right, could Capaldi bring The Doctor a deeper, more real, and relatable edginess, so often related to the more modern antiheroes, invoking these qualities through a stronger direction than previous doctors have? Or will he break his public, edgy stereotype, bringing us something totally unexpected, and out of left field during in his portrayal of The Doctor, showing his dedication to his craft, to his character roles, and to the beloved institution who's Coat of Arms is that beloved Little Blue Box (that's bigger on the inside)

Only time and patience will provide the answers, my friends.....but I'm sure Capaldi will do The Doctor justice, drawing in the viewers who are in shock, grieving from the recent loss of "their Doctor", but whatever direction Capaldi invokes during his portrayal of The Doctor, I'm sure it will be in his own truly unique way, just as every Doctor before him has done. Following the story, but owning the character, making his version truly one of a kind.

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Shoe warehouse distribution Center. Good place of employment with excellent management.
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As a Father & Daughter Team, the owners are the personification of what we all love about Small Business. You'll find friendly, inviting & personal service that you just can't get at Big Box Stores. They have a unique collection of items. Everything from One-of-a-kind gifts, to jewelry, to everyday functional house items. All in a clean, organized sales floor with fair & reasonable pricing. Even with all the items you can discover throughout the store while browsing around, its the owners who make it a truly enjoyable & friendly experience.
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Best sub-shop. Great Food, Great owners and staff. Long established history in Canton, a must-stop for a quick bite.
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Excellent food in a casual atmosphere
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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A Baltimore landmark located in Patterson Park. Nice to visit during a walk in the park
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