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너무 감사해, 너무 사랑해

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' We may look like we have everything and we may look like we don’t have a single flaw in our lives, but the emotions we feel on the inside of ourselves is what we transferred into “Loser” as a message to the youth. We have an unspeakable pain and loneliness inside of us. The bigger and more well-known we get as a group, the bigger the pressure and burden. None of us are the type to show those true emotions, so we borrowed the strength of music to express those feelings to the public.'
GDragon- Conrad Hotel Press Interview

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'You’ve become the world’s hot topic then you turn into ash
Then they take away each piece of you
Your life Your soul Your world
They cannot kill it
Look at me, I’ve died but I opened my eyes again, I killed it.'- Tablo


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Why are they so cold?
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