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Gavin Giovannoni
Clinical academic dedicated to multiple sclerosis who loves food, wine, his family and running
Clinical academic dedicated to multiple sclerosis who loves food, wine, his family and running

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#NeuroSpeak: MS MasterClass for learning about managing MS
There are still a few places left on our next MS MasterClass  #MSBlog #NeuroSpeak I chair the Multiple Sclerosis Academy with the specific aim  of training neurology specialist registrars and non-specialist neurologists to manage MS.   If you are interested...

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#NewsSpeak: an eagle called ocrelizumab has landed
FDA licenses ocrelizumab for both relapsing and primary progressive forms of MS. #MSBlog #NewsSpeak #Ocrelizumab Yesterday was a pretty momentous day for people with MS (pwMS). The FDA licensed ocrelizumab for people with PPMS. The killjoys amongst you will...

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#ClinicSpeak & #ResearchSpeak: community integration
How integrated are you in your community? How has MS affected you socially? #ClinicSpeak #MSBlog #MSResearch I know I am stuck record, but part of the reason why this blog exists is to tell it how it is. We all know MS is a disabling disease and is associat...

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#ResearchSpeak: fools rush in where angels fear to tread
AHSCT for children with MS; do the benefits justify the risks? #MSBlog #ResearchSpeak  Some critics would state that resorting to HSCT to control MS in children is foolish. However, life sometimes rewards the brave. The paper below describes the use of auto...

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#ClinicSpeak & NeuroSpeak: MS drugs and your mouth
How common are oral side effect in pwMS on medication? #ClinicSpeak #NeuroSpeak #MSBlog Most pwMS are on poly-pharmacy (multiple prescribed medications) both DMTs and symptomatic treatments. The review article below highlights the problem. It  identified 18...

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#ClinicSpeak: child carers
Austerity Britain and the army of child carers. What should we do? #ClinicSpeak #MSBlog "Dear Professor Giovannoni, Can you help? I am 14 and I care for my Mum. Her multiple sclerosis is getting worse and I now have to spend most of my time looking after he...

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#PoliticalSpeak: impact or lack of impact
Why has academia become so bureaucratic? #PoliticalSpeak #MSBlog Life as an academic is becoming increasingly complicated and frustrating; I spend an extraordinary amount of time doing administration. We have been asked to start preparing for the next REF, ...

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#PoliticalSpeak & #OffLabel: it is okay to use off-label DMTs
Off-label prescribing; how do we get it adopted? #PoliticalSpeak #MSBlog #OffLabel My number one book from my homeland, South Africa.  'Who knows for what we live, and struggle, and die? Wise men write many books, in words too hard to understand. But this, ...

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ClinicSpeak; gardening post-alemtuzumab
Another opportunistic infection associated with alemtuzumab use in a person with MS. #MSBlog #ClinicSpeak Question : "I am day 12 day after last alemtuzumab dose and probably have lymphopenia/leukopenia at the moment. Should I avoid the garden this spring :...

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#ClinicSpeak & #Neurospeak: low platelets with alemtuzumab
Not all low platelet counts post-alemtuzumab are due to ITP. #ClinicSpeak #NeuroSpeak #MSBlog I received a query from a colleague a few months ago about a low platelet count in one their patients treated with alemtuzumab. The low platelet count was in the f...
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