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Gavin Giovannoni
Clinical academic dedicated to multiple sclerosis who loves food, wine, his family and running
Clinical academic dedicated to multiple sclerosis who loves food, wine, his family and running

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#GuestPost: taking the MS Society to task
Has the MS Society been caught navel gazing? #GuestPost  I have in the past criticised the MS Society over various issues. It was therefore surprising when one of our patients complained to me about them as well. I think the issue he has raised is important...

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#ResearchSpeak: are you a drinker?
What is the evidence that alcohol is good for you? #ResearchSpeak #MSBlog The following study implies that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with lower disability and suggest red wine is good for you. However, moderate red wine consumption (1-3 gla...

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#GuestPost & #NewsSpeak: feedback from the MS-Chariot meeting
An MSers perspective the MS-Chariot meeting. #GuestPost #ThinkHand #MSChariot Last week, I attended the first MS Chariot meeting at St Barts. Around the table were about twenty of us - mostly neurologists from the UK and abroad, health researchers, an MS So...

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#TeachSpeak: our belief in small numbers
Why do we have so many cognitive frailties; e.g. our belief in small numbers?  #TeachSpeak I want to restate what I said yesterday in a comment that the mistake I made, and many others are making, when considering the cancer risk with ocrelizumab is that we...

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#NewsSpeak: an eagle has just landed in Oz
People living with PPMS in Australia have something to cheer about. #NewsSpeak #MSBlog I just received an email from a pwMS about the good news down-under (see press release below). Let's hope the EMA & NICE have provide similar cheer for people living with...

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#TeachSpeak: reverse causation
Are you a knee-jerker or a deep-thinker? #TeachSpeak #MSBlog Yesterday's post on B-cells and breast cancer has generated a lot of debate, some justified and some not. Before joining the debate you need to know how the mind works. There is a rapid, or fast, ...

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#ClinicSpeak & #ThinkHand: therapeutic lag
At times I feel like I am trapped in an echo chamber shouting therapeutic lag. #ClinicSpeak #ThinkHand The Wheelchair Kamikaze raised the issue of responders vs. non-responders to ocrelizumab in the PPMS trial. I am partly to blame for this issue, but it is...

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#ClinicSpeak & #PoliticalSpeak: indication-based pricing is one-way to get ocrelizumab to PPMSers
Before we short-changed PPMSers can we think for creative solutions to the pricing of ocrelizumab? # ClinicSpeak #PoliticalSpeak I am rather disappointed with the survey response I have had in relation to the results of the ocrelizumab PPMS study and whethe...

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#PoliticalSpeak: pharma in the naughty corner
Pharma vampires will finally have to stop gouging. #PoliticalSpeak  Legislation to stop pharmaceutical companies price gouging has been on the cards for years and it has finally happened in the US. Gouging occurs because companies selling certain off-patent...

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#MSPrevention & #NewsSpeak: will Pharma develop an EBV vaccine?
Why don't the Courts' consider the wider implications of their decisions? The anti-vaccine lobby is smiling. #MSPrevention #NewsSpeak The story about hepatitis B vaccination causing MS seems to resurface every few years and the source is usually from France...
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