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OneNote 2013 For Dummies
Microsoft Office OneNote For Dummies reference book
Microsoft Office OneNote For Dummies reference book

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#OneNote Mobile for Android has become OneNote for Android. Now displays ink, etc. faithfully. Worthy upgrade. More to come.

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Here's the Cheat Sheet online!

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It looks like a radial menu! From the cover.

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The book's online extra content is up before the book! Tell me what you think!

First book draft in, two of three Web elements written and in. One more and the first entire draft is in. I've got three chapters for review -- this baby is coming quickly to a close and I'm lovin' it! And it's a great book!

Almost done with the first draft! Will have a picture when the cover is done!

First post! No images quite yet. I'm writing the third chapter of the book now, and it is fun to write. I love the product and it's gonna be a great book!
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