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Richard Edward Helmer
Rector, Church of Our Saviour; pianist; member, The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory
Rector, Church of Our Saviour; pianist; member, The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory

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Easter Saturday / Earth Day
“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good.” - Genesis 1:31 Someone once challenged me to justify Christian ecological concern using scripture. We need look no further than the first chapter of Genesis. Who are we to damage and destr...

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Easter Thursday vs. Emotional Narcissism
Do you believe? This unnerving question haunts the Easter community of Christ. But too often, we hear it as a demand to offer intellectual assent to the implausible or, perhaps even worse, an expectation that we must feel a certain way before we can judge o...

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Easter Wednesday vs. the Limits of Historicity
I catch myself trying to read the story of the Road to Emmaus as mere history, caught up like a good Gentile in Luke’s apparent effort to turn the Gospel into an historical account. Our conceit to literalize Easter founders when we relegate the Risen Christ...

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Easter Tuesday vs. the Arrogance of Caesar
Even after defeating death itself, Christ does not rule like an earthly emperor or king. He greets his followers in hidden rooms and seeks them out in fearful places. He walks with them along the road. He dines with them on simple fish by the lakeshore. He ...

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God of Shadows
This is a very strange Advent. And that, I suppose, is saying something for a season that is meant to be strange. Talk of angels appearing to virgin peasants, wild men shouting at crowds in the desert, and the strange intersection of prophecy, worldly power...

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Stirring in the Darkness
“Who then shall stir in this darkness, prepare for joy in the winter night?” - Carol Christopher Drake It is difficult not to feel this year that wider society has entered a collective winter night of the soul. We have gone rigid with fear in the wake of te...

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Lessons of a Not-So-Clever Priest
After nearly thirteen years serving as a priest in The Episcopal Church, I’ve learned a few things the old-fashioned way: 1. Nobody really cares about your professional credentials or seminary education, and everybody has an opinion about how you should be ...

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That Not-So-Sweet Jesus
A Sermon for the Second Sunday in Lent, Year B Delivered at Church of Our Saviour, Mill Valley , California on March 1st, 2015 Readings Audio Where did we decide that Jesus was sweet, kind, and gentle,
and why? Maybe it has something to do with attempting t...

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Vexed by the Journey
Little vexed me more as an aspiring, struggling pianist many years ago than a trusted friend — also a musician — telling me to learn to “enjoy the journey.” It’s taken me nearly twenty years to even begin to grasp what he meant, noting my temptation towards...

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Ferguson, Staten Island, and Advent
One lesson of the last few weeks I have tried to take very much to heart: We must learn in this country how to better acknowledge our privilege. This is not about “white guilt,” which is simply a mode of hiding our power behind a selfish facade of shame — a...
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