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Vic Fryzel
I lead the partner engineering team for Google's developer platform.
I lead the partner engineering team for Google's developer platform.

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Want to work at Google on the Partner Engineering team? We're responsible for helping developers design and launch amazing new integrations on Google's developer platforms, including Android, Play, Games, TV, Auto, Wear, Maps, Knowledge, and more. We have a fantastic global team, and have a ton of impact on millions of users every day.

Here are the key responsibilities of a Developer Advocate on the team:
- Work with the top Android, iOS, and web app developers to build exciting new integrations with Google's latest confidential products.
- Work with these partners one-on-one in an engineering capacity in order to design, build, and launch new features.
- Conceive new features and ideas that can change how users interact with apps and Google, and help developers build them.
- Take regular, engineering-focused meetings with developers to help them design new systems, fix bugs, improve UX, and solve complex code problems at a scale of millions of users.
- With other engineers, work on the core source code of Google's products to identify, reproduce, and/or fix bugs that are affecting top developers.

And here are the qualifications:
- Ideally 6 years of relevant work experience working with developer platforms or as a software engineer.
- Strong command of web application or mobile application development landscapes.
- Considerable success as a software developer, architect, technology evangelist, CTO, or consultant working with web or mobile technologies.
- Strong command of web application or mobile application development landscapes.
- Programming experience in one or more of the following languages/platforms: Android, Java, iOS.

If you're interested, send me a message with a link to your resume!

Loving the new design and layout of +Weather Underground. So much easier to use.

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This episode of #DevBytes is from +Magnus Hyttsten. He shares all of the latest updates on the latest release of Google Play services 4.3. This update includes new APIs as well as a number of new features to existing ones:

Analytics API (new!) - Google Analytics and Tag Manager are now part of Google Play services

Games services update - Our new Game Gifts API enables games to send virtual in-game requests to anyone in a player’s circles or through player search. 

Drive API - Change notifications, offline content, and more

Address API (new!) - Let your users provide complete addresses in a single click

For more information:

DevBytes: Google Play Services 4.3


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+Lee Denison and his newly broken in "dirt bike" :D

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The first in a long line of exciting new DevBytes for the Google Cloud Platform.  Can't wait for the rest!
Today's episode of #DevBytes The Beauty of Scale with Google Cloud Platform is from +Colt McAnlis. When talking about Cloud Offerings, it's easy to forget the data-centers that make it all happen. In this video, Colt takes a quick look at maintaining Google's scale through it's data-centers, and how developers can leverage the same hardware and software running google's services to write their own applications.

Make sure to join the Google Cloud Platform Community to connect with other developers.

For more information on the Google Cloud Platform please visit

DevBytes - The Beauty of Scale with Google Cloud Platform

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So excited that this launched!
Our Google Drive API course just launched and it is free for everyone! Check it out:

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If this is true, I can't think of bigger news within 30 years.

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So much engineering went into this pack system.  I'm really impressed.  It's unusual to see this much attention to detail in a bag.

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