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John M. Simmons
Write about family. Talk about orphans.
Write about family. Talk about orphans.

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Adoption Love: It's Complicated
If we focus on adoption love, rather than justifying our actions, we will be able to help children to learn how to have successful family lives.
#adoption   #ComplicatedAdoption    #AdoptionLove  

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RAD Wars
One of the truths I have learned in studying RAD wars is that we must give up many of our todays in a hope that our children may have some happy tomorrows.
#reactiveattachmentdisorder   #RAD  

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RAD Choices
I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then. I wish that I had never had to make RAD choices.
#reactiveattachmentdisorder   #RAD   #disruption  

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Don't Tell ME my Family Isn't Normal!
What my dear old great-aunts viewed as scandals, I realized were the day to day struggles and challenges found in any normal family.
#Family   #NormalFamily   #FamilyChallenges  

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RAD Thinking: Reactive Attachment Disorder
When RAD thinking is active, bad grades, disappointed parents and frustrated friends are small potatoes.
#reactiveattachmentdisorder   #RAD   #Thinking  

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RAD Compromising; The Deal is Never Done
RAD compromising means a new argument each day, beginning with the most liberal interpretation of an immoveable line that was agreed to the day before.
#ReactiveAttachmentDisorder   #RAD   #Compromise  

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Special Needs Adoption: It's not Just the Family and Child
Special Needs adoption adds an element of inconvenience to families, but I have never seen an inconvenience that is so much fun.
#SpecialNeedsAdoption   #DownSyndrome   #Adoption  

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RAD Good Days
RAD good days can be as simple as a moment of holdings hands, instigated by a child with no ulterior motive. The good days with Reactive Attachment Disorder are exquisite!
#ReactiveAttachmentDisorder   #RAD   #GoodDays  

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Down Syndrome Enthusiasm
Maybe Down Syndrome enthusiasm didn’t come from Down syndrome, but from Jack. I mean, everyone who has Down syndrome doesn’t display Down Syndrome enthusiasm.
#downsyndrome   #enthusiasm  

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Reactive Attachment Disorder Simply Isn't Fair
RAD unfairness is worse than regular unfairness and I wanted someone to fix it. I wanted someone to make it fair.
#Reactiveattachmentdisorder   #RAD   #Unfairness  
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