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Should Your Doctor Friend You on Facebook?

You may want to be Facebook friends with your doctor, so you can ping him or her a quick question or maybe an image of a bug bite for an online diagnosis. But the question being asked by the medical community is, should your doctor be Facebook friends with you? 

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LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, had 160 million monthly active users in November, according to the latest figures available.

That was an increase of nearly 30 million from September when LinkedIn had more than 133 million users who logged in to the website at least once a month.

The Mountain View, Calif., company announced the number, which was calculated by research firm comScore, after crossing the mark for 200 million registered users earlier this month. LinkedIn has registered 13 million users since November.

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Six words designed to “build” hype. Shortly after 10 am PT tomorrow, we will know what the fuss is (or isn’t) about. The speculations circle around mobile, of course. Is it a full-on phone, or a mobile OS that runs on one or more manufacturers’  phones? A form of Facebook Messenger for iPad seems certain, but how does that fit in?

Then there are the persistent rumors that Facebook is buying the Atlas ad serving network from Microsoft. And let’s not forget the possibility that the social giant is trying to get into the ad supported search business, as well.

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Photos from Flickr are now showing up in Yahoo Image searches, the company announced on Thursday.

Yahoo is making "tens of millions" of Flickr photos available, which are available for reuse and reposting. The photos are available under Flickr's Creative Commons licensing agreement. Photos not covered under Creative Commons won't be affected. Offering such images can give Yahoo a real advantage over Google and Bing, which do not offer the photos in their image searches.
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Facebook's reach just keeps getting wider.According to social media analyst Vincenzo Cosenza's biannual World Map of Social Networks, Facebook is the leader in 127 of the 137 countries observed, the Los Angeles Times reports. Armenia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam are among the 10 countries where Facebook now reigns supreme.

The biggest recent growth area, according to Cosenza, is Asia, which now has 278 million Facebook users and boasts the social network's largest population. Europe now has fewer users than Asia, netting 251 million users total; North America has 243 million users; South America has 142 million users; Africa has 52 million users and the Oceania region has 15 million users.
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Google has introduced the ability to pan and zoom large photos on its social network, Google+.

Users can now use their mouse wheel to zoom in or out when watching high-resolution photos. Also, clicking and dragging will pan the photo in any direction. 
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Remember the Facebook Timeline changes some users started to notice in December? The ones that include a row of fresh options at the top of the page, below your picture, and the banishment of "Maps" and thumbnail images?

Well, the changes appear to be rolling out for all Facebook users in New Zealand, where it's already Wednesday. And they include a surprising new "Collections Manager" feature that lets you customize all that content at the top of your Timeline, as well as the ability to rearrange the right-hand column.
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Tommy Edison is blind but still enjoys using the photo editing and sharing app, Instagram."It's kinda fun for me, I've never had a camera before," he says in a YouTube video.

In the video, Edison explains how he uses Instagram to capture, edit, caption and share images he takes with Instagram. Even though he can't see the images, Edison says he's received some interesting comments on the ones he's posted.

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