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Who will help me?
This week we explored different versions of The Little Red Hen... we finished off the week by making bread. I used the bread in a bag recipe from
We had a great time!
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Snowman Fun…

After returning from maternity leave, I felt like I needed to work on building community in my classroom.  We don’t have snow in Hawaii, but we have newspaper! The challenge was to work as a group and build a snowman, using newspaper and masking tape (some friends were a little excited about their snowmen and wanted to add decorating during free time).  The objective was simple… I thought… build a snowman with your group, it must be able to stand on its own.  I was hoping for teamwork and collaborating.  Two teams were unable to produce a product, they enjoyed playing in the newspaper, another group spend their time reading ads, one group ended up with several snowballs, but lacked the communication to actually assemble a snowman, and two groups were very successful.  HOWEVER everyone had fun. I wish I had pictures of them in action, but like I said one group was clearly playing in the paper, and other groups needed help peeling the masking tape… Great activity, if you do it with your class I would recommend prepping masking tape by sticking 4-5 inch strips around the tables in the classroom, as my friends had a hard time peeling the tape.  

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Snowy Clean Fun
Well let's just say our classroom has been a little messy lately with all the Christmas crafting... so I used the old shaving cream trick to clean up.  My little friends were anxious to help, we began with some snowman since that had been the theme of the d...

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Elf Naming
My kindergarten students were very excited to receive our package from the North Pole.  Our first task was to name our elf. I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to contribute their idea, so first each student wrote their idea. Then I selected 5 names...

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Christmas Cards... Printmaking
There's nothing better than homemade Christmas cards.  Today in Kindergarten, we made cards for our friends and family members.  Since this was the first time I did printmaking with this group of friends, I decided to have them do snowman's for their first ...

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Welcome December
I was at a workshop yesterday, so today was my first day of December with my kindergarten friends.  This morning we started with our December journals.  Here are a few shots of some writing from this morning.  My December journal is available in my Tpt store.

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Monday after a 4 day weekend means a long day in
kindergarten… I thought I would post a fun relay if you need an outdoor
break. Color Sort Relay: Divide students into teams.   Run this game as a relay.   Each
student is given a cube train.   When it
is thei...
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