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How to read a CPU Flame Graph
This article
explains it very well, ,
so I am just going to copy it directly: Imagine you have
some java class with a method A that called method B, B called C, C called D.
We’ll denote a call by ...

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How do you make Agile successful?
After I wrote Why Agile Didn’t Work (which to my surprise, has been one of the most popular articles for up to six
months in InfoQ), naturally I want to understand how to make Agile work. I
thought really hard on the question, I observed and tested ideas, I...

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MySQL Order inside Groups
The issue at hand is: I have
a table codeName ,
where code is constant, but name could be changed. So there are occasions where
a code can have multiple names in this table, thus the need to delete duplicated
names. It is easy to get the code having multipl...

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Embed Javascript in Bokeh
In the same
script of pragmatism, my approach to embed JavaScript in Bokeh is to embed
whole JavaScript files into Bokeh, rather than embedding JavaScript fragments. The
reasons are:   It
is difficult to write grammar-correct JavaScript fragments in Bokeh –...

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Web request performance analysis charts
This is to
share some charts built on top of the .  Slowest requests  This graph
shows the processing time of slowest request in 10 seconds (10 seconds is the default
frequency I gathered...

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Import data into InfluxDB
scenario is: Some
process sends metrics to Telegraf   For
some reason, Telegraf outputs metrics to a file Import
the file from 2) into InfluxDB   Telegraf output to a file Telegraf
has a file output plugin, just enable it: # # Send
telegraf metrics to f...

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Weird issue: java.nio.charset.IllegalCharsetNameException: UTF-8
I recently met a weird issue, thought I’d noted down for
future references. When I tried to ant build, this error happened: Error
occurred during initialization of VM java.nio.charset.IllegalCharsetNameException:
UTF-8         at

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InfluxDB cookbook
How to connect to influxdb vagrant@exp:~$ influx Visit to
register for updates, InfluxDB server management, and monitoring. Connected to http://localhost:8086 version
1.1.0 InfluxDB shell version: 1.1.0 How to check DB obje...

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git Fatal: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate
Environment: window 7 with a   firewall  The solution works for me is:   Export’s certificate   Copy’s certificate to git‘s
certificate file Configure git’s proxy Export certificate: Enter into Firefo...
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