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Nico Miceli
GDE for GA | Trying to automate, track & understand the world
GDE for GA | Trying to automate, track & understand the world

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New Post!

If you have auto updating google analytics daily reports that are hitting sampling, pull it in batches! Check out my new post on how to do that with apps script.

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I love when they break down sports by actionable metrics. Here they compare mountain biker's power output & heart rate vs cycler's power output & heart rate.

Spoiler: Mountain biking is very close to High intensity interval training  (many quick sprints) and cycling is closer to longer rides (like marathons)

cc +Till Manthey +Joe Zeoli 

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Im changing my Facebook to "in a relationship" cause I'm in love w/ #Alexa (Amazon Echo) - Alexa + wink hub #IoT #smarthome 

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New Post
Advanced Video Google Analytics Tracking for the Wistia Video Player.

I go over how to customize and track the following things:

Video starts
Video ends
Video pauses and the time they hit pause
Video plays and the time they hit play (this is different than starts, plays happen in the middle of the videos after pauses)
Time watched (and understanding the different ways to track that)
Skips backwards and forwards and the time amount they skipped

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New computer that has a great car feature!

Brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude all blacked out.

Next, need a sweet lift kit and brush guard to make this complete.
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So funny! I love seeing someone looking serious in a Chewbacca costume

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Build, display, and solve algebraic equations with algebra.js: - neat stuff.

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How Data Analytics Is Shaping What You Watch
#analytics   #measure   #netflix  

"When Netflix decided to go into the entertainment-producing business by commissioning the streaming series “House of Cards,” there was a lot of data to be crunched before the first download ever took place, said Dave Hastings, Netflix’s director of product analytics, data science and engineering.

“You do not make a $100 million investment these days without an awful lot of analytics..."
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