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Jen Brinkman
"Whose side are you on?" "That would be telling." ~The Prisoner
"Whose side are you on?" "That would be telling." ~The Prisoner


Are you looking for some DCC RPG action to round out this holiday weekend?

Of course you are.

Are you (or will you be) in the vicinity of Fort Myers or Naples, FL between Friday - Sunday? The 2nd annual Brinkmanomicon will be in full swing! Please inqire within. :)

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Want to be an immortal part of your favorite podcast? Even if you've already been featured by having your letter read on air, or the cast singled out one of your Dungeon Denizens, and even if you have previously been a guest of the show, this is open to you as well...

Consider this an open call for fan submissions of a different sort -- we're looking for some diverse BUMPERS that embody the feel of the DCC RPG you know and love! We know everyone has different tastes, and all players take something different away from the game. We welcome your variety!

While they aren't used for every single episode, you know our typical segments for which we use bumpers:
~ Tavern Talk
~ Summon Email
~ Invoke Patron
~ Mighty Deeds
~ Mercurial Magic
~ Dungeon Denizens
~ Patron Bond

1) Must be no longer than 15 seconds in duration
2) If you're including audio clips, the levels must be balanced
3) High-quality mp3 format preferred
4) Must be submitted via email to with a LINK to the file. Dropbox, Drive, long as you do NOT email the mp3 directly. I repeat: *DO NOT EMAIL THE MP3.*

Any questions, hit us up here!

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In case you missed the notice in the latest KS update, October 1st is your deadline to submit any squibbles you've found! Then it's off to print!

Many thanks to everyone who's already done so!

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One case of the Easley cover just surfaced...get to the booth ASAP on Thursday!

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When it comes to showing the Dark Master & his crew our dedication/obeisance, it usually involves clearing out our wallets. Now we can do it for FREE (through Saturday, July 7th).

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My favorite view at the FLGS.

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This is a thing of beauty!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Judges of all ages, we are proud to unveil the Sanctum Secorum's Free RPG Day Worlds Tour poster for 2018. It is on Google Drive for you to grab if you want to have a copy printed up. It is 11"x17" 300dpi and is up in a few formats (jpg, png, tif) so that you can grab your favorite. The poster reflects one hundred and eleven venues worldwide, and we have broken every record from last year.

Judges are STILL firming up their plans for next weekend so our online list will still be growing, up until the night before (we do need to sleep eventually). So, if you haven't gotten us your info or schedule yet? No worries, we are still working to help people find your game.
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I'll be running the 0-level adventure twice at the FLGS for Free RPG Weekend in a few weeks. My goal is to get some of our core players in, and if they like it, I'd love to help with the playtesting of classes and/or longevity testing!

June 16-17, 2018
Dungeon Games
Estero, FL

(For the record, +Bob Brinkman, +Troy Tucker, and myself are not the only ones running Goodman Games' goodness!)

My schedule has been decided!
SAT 12:00PM - Sailors on the Starless Sea (by request)
SAT 4:00PM - Tower of the Black Pearl
SAT 8:00PM - Crawl-thulhu
SUN 12:00PM - Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry
SUN 4:00PM - The Tower Out of Time
SUN 8:00PM - Crawl-thulhu

Only one repeat, and [due to time/brain constraints] only one that I'm not super familiar with. {No slight intended to anyone but myself.} LET'S DO THIS THING!
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