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Jen Brinkman
"Whose side are you on?" "That would be telling." ~The Prisoner
"Whose side are you on?" "That would be telling." ~The Prisoner

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The CoC goodies from +Michael Curtis arrived safe and quite sound. It's like he's done this before. :)

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DCC shelf #1.

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Double win: We picked up the slipcase printing through +Dungeon Games LLC​, our FLGS, instead of the KS, which in turn supports the FLGS...and nets us a pristine shipping box! 

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This is how freaking awesome this cult community is.

Booyah to whomever. And thanks again to +Jon Marr​ for all that he does... I couldn't imagine running a funnel or tournament without the Purple Sorcerer's character generator!
When possible, I've tried to back most of the DCC community's Kickstarters over the years: folks have been so good to me that I love to return the favor. Of course I was as excited as anyone about the astonishing DCC Rulebook 4th Printing Kickstarter, and I tried to spread the word far and wide. But financially it just wasn't in the cards to participate, so I (very reluctantly) bowed out.

But an amazing thing has happened: last week, out of the blue, a signed, leather-bound edition of the book arrived on my doorstep, numbered 35 of 400. (Accompanied by a mountain of additional adventures, folios, and awesome play aids.) This was so unexpected that I was literally stunned. Rendered speechless. This is a treasure never to be forgotten.

Thank you anonymous benefactor(s). This community has brought me so much joy over the last 4 years. It is such a privilege to be able to share in this hobby with a veritable army of creative and generous folks. You are the best.
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RE: Gary Con ~
There are a whopping 3 Lankhmar-related events scheduled for this convention of 1,000+ gamers: 1 AS&SH and 2 DCC Lankhmar. There is already a waitlist for each of the DCCL games.

I have cleared my schedule on Thursday evening (6pm-on) so I can run an off-book DCC Lankhmar game for YOU GUYS. Let me know if you're interested; top priority goes to those who are not currently scheduled for one of my DCCL** events, with secondary preference to those who have not yet tried out this system.

Sound off!

**Legalese: "DCCL" is my personal abbreviation for the system and should not be construed to be official. :)

I'm loving being able to see the list of players at each table at Gary Con this time around, before I even get a ticket for it.

For instance:
+Harley Stroh is running a game on Saturday with this line-up so far:

Haley Skach
+Jim Skach
+Clint Bohaty
+Stephen Newton
Jen Brinkman

Talk about a handful of trouble-makers, man...

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The chimes of midnight are interrupted by a throaty, wild call. Tarzan of the Apes, that legendary creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs, is being discussed on the latest episode of Sanctum Secorum.

All that and a new free episode companion 'zine too!

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Fun with farmers' markets :)

Pro tip #1: Next time you're invited to a family thing and you really, really don't want to attend but you feel obligated to do so? Don't go. Do what makes you happy...because if you go, and you're miserable, and you spread that misery, you're an asshole. It's not fair to anyone around you...or to yourself. So please, either learn to be a better actor, or be selfish and stay home. Everyone will be happier for it, including you.

Pro tip #2: Cooking for an army and forgetting to insist that everyone take home leftovers may result in the need for a second refrigerator.

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The masses must be appeased before they get to the torch-and-pitchfork stage... We're dodging the angry mob just in time!

The winds were favorable in our summoning +Brendan LaSalle​, longtime Goodman Games author and mastermind behind X-Crawl! We also make a special little introduction...

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