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"Whose side are you on?" "That would be telling." ~The Prisoner
"Whose side are you on?" "That would be telling." ~The Prisoner


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Okay people, voting runs through tomorrow (7/21) and we're calling in the heavy artillery. Please cast your ballot in and give Spellburn*, the only non-general-gaming podcast, a shot at bringing the ENnie Award home from Gen Con 50!

*I'm fully aware that this is a popularity contest, and the overall gaming fans outnumber the DCC RPG community, but it's worth rallying the troups!

++And don't forget to show +Mike Evans/DIY Productions/Hubris some DCC love, too!

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Happy Sunday.

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If you have a spare moment this weekend, drop in a few answers and tell me your favorites for ALL THINGS DCC. It's for research!

(If you've already done so, thank you!)

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Let me know some of your DCC-specific picks before the voting starts!

Oh, and brace yourselves for next week... :)

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Tonight - starting in a mere 35 minutes, in fact!

Listen to +Brendan LaSalle, +Harley Stroh, and +Jim Wampler talk about all things DCC/MCC!

(I'm sure it'll be available after the fact, but if you're around, you can pop in to ask questions live!)
It's Back! The 2017 Summer Roundtable Series is here!

Starting tonight at 7:00 PM EST the Goodman Games trio of Brendan LaSalle, Harley Stroh, and Jim Wampler sit down with Mythwits Pete Bryant put on the 'David Byrne white suit jacket' and answer the question "How did I get here?" Ask your own questions by dropping in on our YouTube channel here:

Don't forget, subscribing to our YouTube Channel qualifies you for the Beholder Prize Bundle Draw during the AetherCon Afterparty in November.

Come on out and be a part of the Dice Rolls Heard 'Round the World!

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There's a new one up for you guys! This time we used the refreshed summoning circle and got author +Edgar Johnson​!

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EDIT: This is now closed.


I currently have one extra copy of Dread on Demon Crown Hill. Not only is this module [at this time] exclusive to FLGS ordering, this copy is super-special: It is a misprint! IT HAS TWO COVERS!!

To enter this simple little giveaway, comment below prior to 12:00PM EST tomorrow (Wednesday, July 5th). Clicking on "+1" will not qualify.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will roll a die to determine who gets it! (It'll be a d5, d24, or d50, etc., depending on the # of people who chime in!)

Free RPG Day many highlights in a 14-hr span!
~ Reuniting with +Troy Tucker, the guy responsible for "all this", and bringing my 1st printing #DCCRPG tome to its 6th Free RPG Day event. I will eventually have to retire the poor thing, but yesterday was not that day.

~ Running +Dieter Zimmerman's Not in Kansas Anymore for a group of not-quite beginners, including one of the FLGS owners, and player Riley stealing the show (he made the whole damn thing so enjoyable, I felt zero pressure - I officially want him in EVERY GAME I EVER RUN UNTIL THE END OF TIME... "Live your truth, man!").

~ Ran The Arwich Grinder for the first time ever. I unabashedly used different voices and inflections and made sound effects (which were probably as atrocious as my mapping skills) and a whole bunch of stuff that I usually shy away from, all because I could tell it was weirding out +David B and his kid. A+++, will run again, has potential to let me run something that might actually surprise/impress +Bob Brinkman!

~ Seeing familiar faces from folks who came out last year, and meeting new people who traveled from St. Pete, Tampa, Sarasota, and Ft. Lauderdale (2-3 hrs one way) just to come to +Dungeon Games LLC and play games.

~ After busting ass to coordinate GMs and sign-up sheets for scheduled games that some people poo-pooed, the FLGS had their highest sales day in the store's history. Yeah, I take a little pride in that. We do what we can to help those we love.

~ Handing out the first-ever print product from +Sanctum Secorum...

~ Getting to surprise players with DCC RPG swag that rarely makes it into the wild! I'd been sitting on the stadium cup set from last year, so I brought one for each game and let them dice off for it. Some of the new players were as ravenous for "one of everything" as I've been in the past. Kindred spirits!

~ And, finally, the payoff that's stuck with me for the past 12 hours: My last table was a DCC Lankhmar demo, with players rolling up characters from scratch, which really helps immerse them into the literary material and showcases a few of the fundamental system changes from "regular" DCC. One of the players had been in last year's playtest campaign but the others were inexperienced and pretty rapt...until the characters continued to separate and go their own ways, despite leads and prompts to join up. At some point I stopped trying to fight it, and just gave them each 5-10 minutes of their own little "chapters", then they finally merged together for the primary story thread with about 90 minutes remaining. I embellished "Literary Lankhmar" and created a challenge with the promise of a tidy settling of debts...and the ending left me with the resolve that, while it's a great setting and I'm a little tied to both Leiber's and DCC Lankhmar, it really feels better in an ongoing capacity. (More on that pontification later.) One of the players who'd driven from Sarasota had been sitting with a nonplussed expression for the better part of 3 hours, but at the end he said, "I really wasn't sure. I was thrown off by the lack of 'party' activity...but now I realize, it's just like the books! Even Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser are rarely side-by-side for the whole thing! I'm really looking forward to this now!" Not only did I breathe a sigh of relief at not bogging things down for the player or diminishing his enjoyment of the past 4 hours...but I succeeded in my translation of the material - and even better, I invoked the feel of Leiber!! I may do ya proud after all, +Michael Curtis. :)

Thanks to everyone who signed up for games ahead of time; it gave us a good idea of interest and table placement. The doc is now locked... You can still sign up to play a game later today, but you have to do it at the store!

Remember, admission is FREE, as it is Free RPG Day, but it's polite to give a little kindness to the good folks at +Dungeon Games LLC for footing the bill to host this grand event. :)

See you in less than 12 hours, for over 12 hours!

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This Saturday marks the 5th Free RPG Day since the release of DCC RPG! What better way to celebrate than by summoning the Dark Master himself??

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