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I'm a #musixmatchlover. I ❤ Musixmatch:

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Moto 360 says it's a TV. lol...
With the recent update that rolled out, some devices have been changed from being "hdpi" to a new density called "280". You may notice slight layout differences with your existing apps, and you will need to take this into consideration. Here is a photo showing every available Android Wear device, and stats about the display, such as dimensions, densityDpi value, actual physical DPI, and size of display. I'm getting a nice diagram with all this information added to the documentation, but thought I would post this here until that is ready.

Hello fellow Wear enthusiasts! I have a question. I was working on some (simple) apps for Android Wear, which I installed directly on the device using Android Studio. I didn't do the usual "carrier app" approach, as I was just trying to get these working on Wear for personal use. Now, I don't know how to uninstall them!

I've tried using the Android Wear app but that seems to look for the carrier app on the phone, failing at it. Any tips on uninstalling them? 

Now I know I have to learn how to do carrier apps for the phone for future use, ha.

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I'm having an issue. As always, I have set the launcher to have the persistent search bar on top. Now, every few relaunches (ie. unlocking the phone) the default 4*1 Google Search widget is added to the top. It's doing it constantly.

Apart from this, I've found no other bug. Keep it up.
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