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The players rejected the offer and are suing the league. If the NBA players take the NBA to court, who gets home court advantage?

A lot of people who claim to "keep it 100" must not be able to count past 10 because their stories never add up. #StayTrue

Did anyone tell Texas that there's a Freese Warning in effect tonight? Oh well, they'll find out soon enough. #Cardinals #Game7 #11in11

The only thing saving a lot of these rappers in the music game is a good beat. These lyrics are getting weaker by the year. #BringBackThe90s

If we lived in a world where women never lacked self-esteem, self-respect or confidence then a lot of you men would still be virgins. #TheNoGoodTruth

If you look closely outside, you can see Autumn.

Why doesn't Columbia, MO have a Chick-fil-A? I know we used to have one in Brady Commons but who do I talk to about bringing it back?

Anyone know what to do with a college degree? I received one in the mail a while back but don't understand what to do with it. #Recession

Why do I hate tucking in my shirt? Because I'm high-waisted. There, I said it. It looks like my legs are 5 feet long and I have an 4" torso. I'm steadily overcoming my shame...

Rule #26: During intercourse, always remember to use your condom sense.
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