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Conference Review: American Psychosomatic Society Meeting 2017
There's a film-making legend that Michael Caine accepted a role in a particular movie immediately after reading the opening line "EXT. South of France. Day". When one sees "Seville, Spain" for a conference, this in itself could be sufficient reason to go. A...

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Theatre review: Mic Drop
Gareth Stack, writer/director; Me, critic; Adam Tyrell, actor Enter Perry Pardo. Successful entrepreneur; envied, rich, a go-getter. He had to work his way to top to become the man he is today, and if you're not willing to come with him, then fine, stay par...

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HRB Seminar on Stress: Part II
Thanks to generous funding from the Health
Research Board, we at UCC Dept. Psychiatry & Neurobehavioural Science and the APC
Microbiome Institute were able to host an international research seminar. This
was a chance for some leading researchers in the area...

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Theatre review: "Autumn Royal": Limited time, limited space
We are seated on the stage of the Everyman Theatre, Cork, in just two rows of chairs. Stacks of washing machines form the walls behind them, and the kitchen floor almost impinges on the audience's seats. Although this is a close-up view, when the performanc...

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In defence of sometimes being in the moment
As you
may be aware, I have an interest in mindfulness. I both practice mindfulness
and research its effects in the context of chronic stress.  A rather disgruntled piece from a
couple of months back in the Sunday Review of the New York Times has been

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A conversation concerning cognition and creativity
The following is an edited version of an interview appearing in Europe's Journal of Psychology, 2016, Vol. 12(4), doi:10.5964/ejop.v12i4.1323 Lynda Loughnane:  Thank you very much for agreeing to meet me. To begin, you have mentioned Type 1 and Type 2 think...

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Year in review: 2016
#2016. Somewhat of an annus horribilis, opening with the abhorrent mass attack  on women in Cologne, and where the deaths of (increasingly) numerous celebrities was broadly overshadowed by the political upsets of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. The...

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Probiotics and cognition
Calvin: "I wish I could just take a pill to be perfect and I wish I could just push a button to have anything I want" Hobbes: "The American Dream lives on" Calvin & Hobbes, Bill Watterson The dream Hobbes refers to is, of course, shared by many outside of t...

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Probiotics and stress
With the increased research interest in the interactions between the brain and the gut, people are curious whether we can affect the brain in desirable ways by targeting the gut. Existing  evidence   from France has indicated that taking a probiotic can red...

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Why your grandmother could NOT have told you that
(The title is a play on Susie Hodge's book on visual art, " Why your five year old could not have done that ") As someone who studies psychology, few things grind my gears
like someone pointing out that the latest psychological findings are something
that t...
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