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"Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant."

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I don't think you necessarily have to be slow falling into friendship... :) Sometimes your heart recognises a true friend before your clock and calendar ;)
Great if going fast works out, but it doesn't give you much time to see the other person's true character. Probably better to be acquaintances for a time before becoming friends.
Hmm, this probably just very much depends on the person, different people have different styles that suit them best.

I'm only speaking for myself, but I always live by intuition, and it has never actually let me down. I have made friends within minutes, truly revealed my soul and heart to them, whereas with some people I would never do that, not even after many years.
Every work shows fruit in time, if the friends are good it's a blessing; otherwise it's a curse.
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