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Richard Ehlinger
The divine is knowledge, knowledge is divine.
The divine is knowledge, knowledge is divine.

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testing for reunion

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Class of 1975 40th Reunion

Just bought Boom for my Mac - nice little software equalizer.

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Installing ruby on Mac Lion - used several guides - almost like installing on Ubuntu, except for Brew, very interesting program.

I'm actually watching the World Series - and playing with learning Ruby - beats watching the Colts lose :P

‎3 day weekend - where have you been? Why do you stay away so long? Is it something I have said or done? Welcome back!

can anyone give me an invite to Google Music, please?

I am going to have to rethink letting FB and Twitter updates come into my Stream in Google+. If you have someone who does the same, then you see three copies of their where do I unfriend/drop? Oh I could just block that person from one of the feeds, but will that block them from all feeds? I will have to test this

Working my way through Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial - basic but it gives a consistent methodology to include git and Heroku deployment

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Just watch it once - AWSOME !
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