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Sitati Wasilwa
I'm passionate about issues concerning the political economy and public policy.
I'm passionate about issues concerning the political economy and public policy.

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Candid Conversations on the Kenyan Polity
Parliament buildings in Nairobi. Image: Courtesy Progress?
Stagnation? Or a combination of both? Just what description suits the state of
affairs of the Kenyan Republic 53 years after independence? I am not in the
business of being the jury and the judge at...

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Kenya’s Policy Dilemma in Perspective
An artist's impression of Nairobi under Vision 2030 Image: Courtesy If
nearly all the socio-economic policies that have been formulated in Kenya since
1963 were to be fully implemented, there is no doubt that this country’s
economy would feature among the n...

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What is in Store for Kenya’s Economy in 2017?
Kenya's capital Nairobi. Photo: Courtesy At
the beginning of this year, many analysts and journalists as expected delved
into making predictions about the possibilities and eventuality of Kenya’s
economy. The overriding theme in the forecasts has oscillated...

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The Kenya-Tanzania Economic Relationship in Perspective
Presidents Magufuli and Kenyatta at State House Nairobi during the former's recent visit to Kenya. Photo: Courtesy The
visit by Tanzanian President Dr. Pombe Magufuli in Kenya three weeks ago has
been interpreted as the initial step in restoring “good” rela...

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Africa’s Economic Take-Off Dependent on the Manufacturing Sector
A photo showing workers in a firm located in Kenya's Export Processing Zone. Courtesy: Business Daily “ To sum up, the African pattern of structural
change is very different from the classic pattern that has produced high growth
in Asia, and before that, th...

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Analytical Misstep? A Reality Check for Pollsters & Analysts
Image: Courtesy On reviewing and
reflecting on the recent social, political and economic events around the world
and in my motherland Kenya, I can conclude with a high sense of surety and high
degree of certainty that majority of the pollsters and analysts ...

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Enhancing Women’s Capacity Key to Development
Photo: Courtesy The Agenda 2063
formulated in 2013 and the Agenda for 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) drafted in 2015 are basic development blueprints that systematically
outline the goals to be achieved mostly by the developing nations. The Ag...

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The Hegemony, Imperialism and Chicanery of Western States
Image: Courtesy The post-World War 2
period, the era of the dawn of independence in Africa and certainly the
post-Cold War period have all been critical junctures that have largely
determined the foreign relations of the different states of the world with

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The “Oromia Question” A Reflection of Ethiopia’s Misgovernance
A photo showing members of the Oromo ethnic community protesting Image: Courtesy In recent months, one
of the world’s fastest growing economies, Ethiopia, has witnessed an
intensified series of protests mainly planned and staged by the members of the Oromo

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Of Cartelism, Mandevilleanism and the Era of Robber Barons
Image: Courtesy It is turning out that
the vice of corruption and its associated elements are being perceived as
normal within the Kenyan state. The concerned authorities and even a large pool
of the Kenyan citizens are no longer taken aback by the incidenc...
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