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The decision to not renew my NetBSD board membership was bittersweet. Let me put aside the Readability series posts for a moment while I recap how the two years serving the NetBSD Board of Directors have been. My term just fi...
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I recall how I felt reading jmmv's post in 2006 (I was an active developer ~2006-2008).

The vicissitudes of life really get in the way.

+Julio Merino thanks for all your contributions.

Ugh, so tired.  I still have some hope that the project can be galvanized.

I remember how much delight I took in watching the improvement between sometime-before-4.0 and 6.0 (H/T ad@ of course)

Perhaps more later.

"Let me make this very clear upfront: I do have a lot of respect for the vast majority of the people involved in NetBSD: most of them, if not all, are highly competent and, to the extent I can tell, nice people. I am not going to point fingers at anyone in particular in what follows below, if only because no individual is "at fault"."

Yup.  Really, I'm bothered  that I don't contribute to the project these days.
Gotta get some sleep, rambling.

Nice articles, thx for sharing. I didn't know there were such kind of problems. I just thought that the main problem was the too many ports to other architecture, so that any single change in one of them must be done and checked also into the other ones, thus slowing down the developement of new features and drivers, the correction of bugs in the packages and simply the tests.
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