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A beautiful day on Lake Como. 

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A great resource if you have an interest in learning a new language. 

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Anyone else getting a blank map view on the new Google+ locations view? I can see that people are showing up in the relative spot they actually are, but the map tiles don't load for any locations.

#gplus #google+ #latitude

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This is some great information for breathing new life into a #nookcolor you might have around. I'll be trying it out mine this weekend. 
Bring your Nook Colour Back to life

If you have a Nook Colour that's been sitting around collecting dust, it's time to revive it. I've been running this ROM on mine for about a week now and it's breathed new life into the old girl.
The really great thing is that this is an Android 4.2.2 JB based ROM so it has all the latest features. 
Now, don't expect miracles, this is an older device with a single core CPU and 512MB of RAM, but it's very usable.

Here's some tips on how I tweaked it to be daily driver useable.
First, before you install this new ROM, if you are running another custom ROM, run Lagfix as the new ROM doesn't support it (yet).
Next, when you install, do a complete wipe from recovery, then flash, then clear Dalvik again.
Once you've installed, enable developer options and in the Developer options settings menu, change the following to ".5x":
 Window animation scale
 Transition animation scale
 Animator duration scale
Next head to the Performance menu in settings and then the Processor sub-menu. Now in the maximum CPU frequency menu, check "1100 MHz". Now use the device for a bit and make sure yours can handle running at 1100 MHz. It should. If it's all OK, go back to the processor settings, make sure 1100 is still checked and click on the "Set on boot" option.

That's it. You should now have a very nice little tablet with a great screen, great looks and a modern OS. Enjoy. The usual disclaimers apply. Do this at your own risk.

UPDATE - This ROM, like the main PA tree, is under active development. There is already a new release since I posted this. The new release is dated 6/17.

Note on Google Apps: Make sure you download and install the correct Google Apps package and flash it after you flash the ROM. As of today, the correct Google Apps file is named - and it can be found in the devs ->paranoidandroid ->gapps folder on

Note for beginners: you can find basic Nook Rooting and ROMing info here:

#Android   #NookColor   #Hacking  

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So I went looking in the app settings on my galaxy nexus looking for the option to disable a specific app which I believe was introduced in #android 4.0. I couldn't find the option though, anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong? 

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I agree that this is more of a start than the end experience most android fans have hoped for. I think it might be more useful for OEMs to focus on building apps that distinguish their products, such as modified camera apps with features like Zoe. This would allow them to let google take care of the operating system while building innovation on top of it.

I also agree to the point that this version of the S4 is not a nexus experience. The S4s hardware means it will likely receive updates significantly slower than nexus devices because it won't be included in AOSP. This means samsung will likely have to modify AOSP after the new versions are released in order to tailor the software for their specific hardware.
I love the idea of manufacturers offering stock Android versions of their popular phones, but the more I think about this new "Google Edition" approach, the stranger it seems.

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This is a great addition to the design standards. I think its a feature that improves navigation in most apps, and this implementation is simply beautiful.

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In ultimate "what goes around comes around." The mood of how a game will be played is often set from the beginning, and the best players know to keep their cool in order to keep the game fun. Its nice to see ultimate highlighted like this, I just wish the new professional leagues weren't starting to use officials. #ultimate  

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An interesting article on how New York state is trying to push forward electronic health records and exchange of their data. I'm sure there will be pushback from providers and ehr vendors, but this move is necessary for getting healthcare moved in this direction. 
A dubious diagnosis: will New Yorkers really be able to see their health history online?
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