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The other me recommends you attend, and I agree
Please join us for this InformationWeek Social Business Virtual Event - April 26, 10 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. ET

10:00 AM
Virtual Event Opens!
Visit sponsor spaces in the exhibitor directory, access free resources and downloads, and chat with company representatives.
10:30 AM – 11:15 AM
Opening Keynote Address: How To Fix Enterprise Social Networking
Facebook, Twitter, and other public social networking sites are teaming with members and activity, so why do so many social sites tailored for company employees languish from lack of use? Almost 9 out of 10 companies in a recent InformationWeek survey say they provide employees with social networking tools, but most of them say they see only pockets of use. In this session, drawing on our exclusive research as well as experience with enterprises, we'll explore the goals and problems of internal social networks. And we'll offer advice on how to create—or more likely, re-launch—social sites to enhance employee collaboration and boost productivity, mainly by reinforcing employees' habits on public social sites. Speaker: Mike Healey, President, Yeoman Technology Group
Moderator: Chris Murphy, Editor, InformationWeek

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
HP Platinum Sponsor Feature Presentation: Social Networking Risks within Enterprise Environments
Social networking for most of us is becoming wrapped into our DNA. This is especially important for the next generation workforce. Additionally, the employees today and those of tomorrow will expect the capability to blog and social network with corporate assets and corporate bandwidth. Also, these technologies are being widely used for corporate marketing and communication.

Join us for an important to look at all aspects of securing your infrastructure and more importantly, the people that drive your organization today. This highly relevant Webinar will cover the benefits and the security risks inherit with social networking across all business verticals and provide use case analysis gathered via web beacons that harvest information unknowing to the user.

This highly informative Webinar provide insight into:The benefits and security risks inherit in social networking across all business verticalsA use case analysis gathered via web beacons that harvest information unknowing to the user Speaker: John W. Pirc, Director of Product Line Management, HP Enterprise Security
Moderator: Peter Krass, Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

12:30 PM – 1:15 PM
Enterprise Social Networking: Case Studies From The BrainYard
The BrainYard, InformationWeek’s social business site, has been profiling leading enterprise implementations of social software and best practices--and talking with many more organizations off the record about the problems they’ve encountered. In this session, BrainYard editor David F. Carr will walk attendees through the successes and failures.

One intrepid company, TD Bank, is aggressively adopting social media and is an advocate of the transparency it brings--even in a highly regulated industry. Starting with small pilot projects and now expanding to an enterprise deployment of IBM Connections, TD Bank is demonstrating how social collaboration translates into business results. Speaker: Wendy Arnott, VP, Social Media & Digital Communications, TD Bank Financial Group
Moderator: David Carr, Editor, The BrainYard

1:30 PM – 2:15 PM
IBM Platinum Sponsor Feature Presentation: How Social Business Creates Value for the Enterprise Processes
We know that social interactions enrich the relationships across a business both internally among employees and externally with customers and partners. The challenge however remains to see how social networking can show real value beyond conversations and into the processes that give life and prosperity to the enterprise. It takes more than having a social business platform in place; you need to show how it impacts and transforms enterprise processes. The real value that social brings is how it helps to bridge across multiple lines of business such as human resources, general management, product development, marketing, sales, or customer service, to add a new dimension of productivity. In this session, author and social business strategist Rawn Shah will show how social business can create new value for the organization by addressing the challenges and goals that reach across multiple different lines in a business and show how to optimize your workforce, how to innovate your services and products, and how to understand and engage your customers Speaker: Rawn Shah, Social Business Strategist, IBM Collaboration Solutions
Moderator: Michelle Sheiman, Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

2:30 PM – 3:15 PM
Sentiment In Social: The Genie In The Bottle
Social businesses prize collaboration and community, but it's sentiment that's the genie in the bottle: the collection of feelings, emotions, and attitudes that tell you what your customers really think about your, and your competitors', products and services. Solve sentiment to discover a world of predictive power, to craft market messaging that works, to build routes to mass audiences, to understand customer experience and intent ... or so the story goes. The reality's a bit different. Even the best of the many software solutions on the market don't deliver the social magic we seek. In this session, industry analyst Seth Grimes will explain sentiment analysis--the state of the art and emerging developments--and help your company reach its social business goals. Speaker: Seth Grimes, Analyst, Alta Plana Corp.
Moderator: Rob Preston, Editor In Chief, InformationWeek
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Please connect with my other profile, +David F. Carr (Google Apps version) if you want to stay in touch, as that's the one I'm logged in to more regularly. Could they have made this transition more awkward?
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Here's a little preview of how G+ and Apps are coming together, although sketchy on the timeframe.

As part of the process of writing the part about integration with Google Apps, I finally broke down and set up an account for +David F. Carr associated with my own Google Apps account. Setting up housekeeping there, since that is the account I log into on a more regular basis. I remain a card-carrying member of the +Google+ migration tool fan page and still would like to see that materialize.
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Am I the only one still waiting for the promised migration tool to merge a G+ account with a Google Apps account? I've been asking Google PR / exec contacts about this and still getting nothing beyond "we're still working on it"
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Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress now supports the new wider layout in Timeline for Pages.
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Adobe Shadow looks like a very cool (and necessary) tool for anyone trying to make web content work across multiple mobile devices. Extends the Google Chrome code inspection / debugging tools so you can track down problems, make changes, and see the effect in realtime on your devices as well as your PC. You can have dozens of devices browsing along (or "shadowing") with you as you explore a web site or app looking for display or functionality problems.

Quoting web developer Kristin Long: "The biggest thing for me is that when you are troubleshooting on the desktop browsers, there are tools you can use to pinpoint the piece in the code that is the issue, but in the mobile browser we didn't have those tools." Shadow fills that gap, she said.
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This is part 2 of the saga of the disappearing welcome tabs on Facebook Pages, told partly from my perspective as the author of a WordPress plugin people use to manage page tabs, particualrly welcome tabs. I tried to maintain some shred of journalistic objecivity by interviewing developers, designers, and digital strategists who make a good argument for the "goodbye and good riddance" point of view.
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Here's my take on the design changes required by Timeline for Facebook pages, illustrated through my work this morning on rejiggering the Facebook Page for The BrainYard
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Another video conferencing / web video streaming product in the mode of Hangouts. +Jeris JC Miller +Paolo Tosolini +Drew Keller +Ron Jackson - curious if you've looked at this one.
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I find Sacks and his company fascinating in the way they challenge the rules of enterprise IT, as it used to be played. This story is from an interview conducted in Yammer's San Francisco offices on Presidents Day, when we talked about my recent critique of their freemium model and how they stack up against competitors, particularly Jive and Salesforce Chatter. I did get some additional details about how you kill a rogue Yammer social network, if your enterprise disapproves of it forcefully enough.

One of these days, Google+ will join the competition for enterprise social networking. Meanwhile, G+ for Enterprise is still in the "coming soon" category with no definite ETA.

Excerpt: Yammer claims 4 million users of its private social networks, which anyone can start for just the price of a company email address, with paid upgrades for those organizations who take the application seriously enough to want greater administrative control and features such as Active Directory synchronization. About 20 percent of those 4 million users are paid accounts, Sacks said, but the fact that you can get started for free allows Yammer networks to enjoy the same kind of explosive growth as consumer social networks. While other software products try to bring social interaction inside the enterprise, "to my knowledge, Yammer is the only one that has got this widespread voluntary adoption," according to Sacks.
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