Proof that Google search engine is getting smarter

For those of you who don't know how to do "traditional" SEO (search engine optimization), let me educate you quickly: pages used to rank higher for certain keywords if you linked to those pages from other websites by using a certain keyword in the link text.

This is how people have been tricking Google for as long as I know (since the nineties).

Well, no more. People such as +Rand Fishkin monitor the changes in Google's algorithm and it seems that putting keywords in link text does not quite work the way it used to. The so called anchor text is losing impact on search engine ranking.

Instead, Google looks at nearby text in the article and tries to figure out the relationship between the brands mentioned in the text, and the words (keywords) in the text. This signal is called co-occurence and we will be seeing more of its effects in the future.

Fast forward to the near future: Google will be able to understand everything people write about on the internet, and it will know how to connect the brands with the appropriate keywords, without relying on any of the traditional, mostly spammy, signals such as link anchor text.

Long story short: using SEO tricks pays less and less dividends today. Having a strong and liked brand which influential people want to talk about, even without linking to the brand's website, will help brands get search love in the future.

And #seo  used to be a standalone discipline. No more. Soon you won't be able to rank on Google without publishing content of highest quality. Content that people talk about becomes your SEO wildcard.

Good days are ahead for people and brands who invested a decade to learn how to create content and how to connect with influential people.

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Nice to know I'm on the right track. I can see the results of claiming authorship already!
Content is king. Creating brand value is marketing. Great that google keeps on supporting this concept.

Though seo experts will most surely still get paid for their work for some time... There's always enough people ready to buy fast success story.
+Dusan Vrban some seos are fullfilling a need. The market wants quick results, a quick fix, and they deliver. When the cure stops working, they're ready for the next quick fix. It's like selling weight loss: as soon as you start getting fat again, there's always another new cure around the corner. And embracing content marketing is like changing eating habits: it's tough and the lazy ones don't want to do it. 
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