Out of respect to my readers, I'm now doing my best not to make my educational articles feel condescending or patronizing
★ My new web blog post about how two complete strangers on the Internet reminded me to always think about respecting my readers more. Some good sales practices are ignored in this article. [9 minute read] ★

I have no idea how to introduce this article. It should be interesting to people who write educational content to help people and who don't want to sound like all-knowing jerks to their readers.

Sometimes I worry about that when I hit 'Publish': how do I make complete strangers feel with my words? I know who I am and I'm not conflicted about my good intentions, but do my intentions come across exactly how I feel them in my mind?

Let me know. I am most interested in your honest feedback to this article. And if you're a writer, teach me.

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