What truly makes a difference between not publishing a book and publishing it? My story
★ In my latest web blog post (7 min read) I talk about the changes I had to make in my life to become a published author. ★

I'm a writer.
Write every day.
Put your fingers on the keys.
Outlining is writing too.
Real artists ship.

These ideas helped me publish my book 'Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies' (more about the book here: www.simpfinity.com/g/rrwebook/). Ideas came from +Jeff Goins, +Leo Babauta and +Chris Brogan. Of course, the most motivation I get daily always comes from my partner, +Sasha Matijasic

It's not like reading about writing doesn't help. It helped me. Reading is not what gets in the way of shipping, it's everything else. Mostly fear. And perfectionism. And simply not working enough hours in the day on who you want to become.

Read the whole post on my personal blog: http://www.luckyisgood.com/published-author/ and let me know in the comments what you think about it.

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