A post about procrastination on a Sunday afternoon? It could only mean I have work to do which I'm avoiding. [WEB BLOG POST, 3 MIN READ]

The central idea of this article is that it's wrong to expect that you have to feel like working on a task. Most of the time I don't feel like doing anything that feels boring. Acknowledging this feeling is the first step to actually doing some productive work. 

Read the post on my personal blog, it contains the exact six steps I go through to get myself going, this and more (plus a funny quote about writing:)

Procrastination Be Gone: My Six Steps to a Task Resolved

1. I need to let go of the expectation that I need to feel like doing the task in order to actually start working on the task. I do that by accepting how I'm feeling right now and saying this to myself: "I don't feel like working on that task and that's ok. The 'right' feeling is not a prerequisite."

2. I need to take out my laptop, place it in my lap or on my desk, open the lid and log in. That puts me in a position where I stare at a blank screen and that is good. Alternatively, if I'm already on my laptop performing my usual distracting activities (mostly surfing Google+), I must close all open browser tabs and all open applications.

3. I must open the software tool with which I will be working on the task. In 90% of the time that's my editor for writing. Nothing but my editor should remain open.

4. (the following one is crucial) I must assume the working position. Specifically, this means that I must place my palms above the keyboard.

5. I must write one true sentence - the truest one I know. It could be a trivial statement which has nothing to do with the task itself, such as this: "It's a beautiful day outside and I'm stuck here writing that thing I don't feel like writing." Anything that gets me going is good. I'll arrive at where I need to be eventually.

6. Then I must write the second truest sentence I know.

How are you making yourself work on a task you don't feel like doing?

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