Knowing What Self-Confidence Is Made Of Helps You Become More Self-Confident [My New Blog Post, a 4 minute read]
And becoming more self-confident helps  you achieve anything you want in your life.

When you're stuck, it helps to return to the source, to the basics.

Similarly, when you wish you had more success in some areas of your life, it helps to know that self-confidence is success' main ingredient. If you lack success, it only means you lack self-confidence. And to increase self-confidence, it helps to return to its source. It helps to know which 'ingredients' you must 'buy' in order to 'cook' a delicious self-confident 'meal'.

In this blog post, I use my own examples to deconstruct self-confidence to its three building blocks: knowledge, skills and practice.

Do you believe I missed anything? Discuss in the comments.

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