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Do you love reading dark, romantic thrillers? My friend +Laurie Varga just published her new book, Like a Bird, and it's available on Kindle now:

Book description:
"When Gareth Renaut, a reclusive investor, is dragged from his woodland oasis into the urban chaos for just one night, he becomes entangled in a web of passion with two unusual women.  Kitty, a flamboyant entrepreneur, and Sky, a wounded addict, vie for the key that might unlock the secrets of this complex man, while they spread their own wings and prepare for flight."

Congratulations to Laurie for shipping it like a real artist ;)
I'm going to be obnoxious for a moment
And promote my new book because it's finally ready!

Well, the kindle version is anyway. Still working on the print edition, that's going to take some time. If you're not into dark, romantic thrillers then please share this with someone who is! Thanks :)

Get it here
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Thank you +Visnja Zeljeznjak. There's still so much to do the shipping it satisfaction lasted for about 15 minutes yesterday. :(

I do appreciate the reshare though :)
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A cute kitten and an even cuter owl :)
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om nom nom 
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Is your name a fruit? Mine is. Visnja means sour cherry in Croatian. Let me know which fruit you are :)
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hindi (indian) language
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The government must intervene to fight obesity. That's how the world has fought smoking with great success.

An in-depth article with a long list of possible things the society and our governments should do to heal the world from obesity. I especially like the idea of subsidizing healthy food and taxing junk food. Imagine how much better our world would be if fresh fruits, veggies, legumes, seeds and nuts were cheap or even nearly free! 
Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Dystopian futures have obesity figured out. In the science-fiction big-gubmint hyper-controlled libertarian-nightmare future we’re all implanted with activity monitors and receive painful electric shocks if we don’t meet our daily exercise requirements, and all our calories are carefully allocated based on our specific metabolic and
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The sun.
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Behold, a new creation: Twitter-shaped strawberry. This is real.
While we were busy making this year's homemade strawberry jam, strange strawberry appeared. Is it a sign?! 

#twitter   #signs  
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+Marko Radelic yesssss! My twitter chops will increase exponentially.
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The most productive person is the one with the most free time. 
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I would. Unless they live in Bangladesh, in which case "little" money is actually a fortune.
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Basic income experiment in Utrecht, Netherlands this autumn - a real one! "The current rules in welfare are bureaucratic and, in a way, based on mistrust," says Jacqueline Hartogs, spokeswoman for Victor Everhardt, Utrecht alderman for work and income. Welfare recipients in Utrecht lose their benefits if they can't find a job, signaling that mistrust. "In our scientific experiment," she says, "we will approach people with less or no rules, to see whether they still make an effort."

Researchers from the city council and University of Utrecht will separate at least 250 welfare recipients into five groups: a control group operating under the current laws, three groups with fewer rules, and an unconditional income group that receives money no matter what.

This is exactly what the basic income movement needs: more real data from a properly conducted experiment in a developed nation.

Pinging basic income enthusiasts for a discussion, should you be in the mood: 
+Firas Hermez +Rob Gordon +Jovica Popovic +Gideon Rosenblatt +Denis Labelle  +Dusan Vrban 
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I have to move out from my apartment... maybe I should move to Utrecht...
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"If the world decreased in violence by 10%, it would generate £1.43trillion. This amount is equivalent to six times the total value of Greece's bailout."

Fight poverty also means fighting fewer wars.
The cost of conflict has reached a record $14.3tn, more than 13% of world GDP, a report by the Institute for Economics and Peace says.
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Yeah, but our loss is somebody's gain.
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A web tool to convert tables in PDFs to Excel. Not only a seemingly good tool, but there are at least two good digital marketing lessons and examples I want to share with you.

I stumbled upon this app, and I thought to share it with you because of three things: 

- it seems like a really useful app to be aware of
- customer testimonials are written great!
- the main headline on the homepage is an example of one of the best headlines I ever saw.

Customer testimonials example:

"“excellent, so excited beyond description” - George Ofosu, Doctoral Student, UCLA" 

Notice the title, "doctoral student". Every student in the world will instantly recognize that this tool is something that could potentially help. I can see students bookmarking this page like crazy. The lesson here: target your ideal buyer persona in testimonials.

Homepage headline example:

Accurately extract tables from PDFs
No more time consuming and error prone copying and pasting

Not one word is fluff. It's hard to write a headline this good, no matter how simple it seems. This company understands its buyer personas so well and although they're an engineering company, somebody on their team is a good marketer.

One of the reasons why the copy on this website is so good is because the tool does so little (but solves a huge problem). The more focused the app, the bigger the problem, and the bigger the budget of its target customers, the more profitable this software business becomes. 

Just look at how simple the website for this app is. I've written more words in this very post than you can find on their website. 

More examples of great marketing:

- notice their email list growth tactic: if you sign up with an email, you get to process more PDFs for free. 

- another powerful testimonial below the pricing table. I applaud.

- easy to understand, affordable pricing. 

- guess how I stumbled upon their website? Because they had a relevant call to action in one of their blog posts from 2013: - so, this content that they invested a couple of hours to create two years ago is still making them money. No call to action in blog posts, no leads, no sales. I myself wrote about the importance of calls to action in blog posts:

I am in no way affiliated with this company. This post looks like an advertisement, but only because there are good lessons in digital marketing to share and teach. When something is good, it will earn free word of mouth.
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I'd want to live in the United States of Europe. "A European super-state would have all the economic benefits of the EU now: completely free migration, the convenience of a shared currency, no trade barriers, etc. But it would greatly mitigate the economic costs that the Greek crisis has exposed."

Let's hear from more fellow Europeans, what say you? United States of Europe has been the dream all along, can we hope to see this dream come true in our lifetimes?

Pinging +Dusan Vrban​ and +Thomas Baekdal​ for discussion, everyone chip in with ideas! 
The nations of Europe must unite to save Greece — and themselves.
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+Rob Gordon that's one busy border crossing :) 

One distant day in the future, we'll laugh at this silly concept of countries and borders. It's an imaginary line on a speck of a dust in an arm on one galaxy. (I often think in astronomic terms to put things in their real perspective. Humans are deluded with the sense of our own grandeur.) 

Oh, and happy 4th of July :) 
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But it can be predicted using the Murphy's theorem. If all the other backups have been destroyed, the chances that the last one is valid converges towards zero.
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Good writers are not the people who know how to write an excellent first draft, no. Good writers are people who are excellent editors of their own work.

I'm reading the book "Everybody Writes" by +Ann Handley and so far, I love it. Unlike so many other writing books, this one has got concrete examples.

And I love the following two ideas on the origin of writing paralysis, because this is what keeps me from finishing some of my work:

1) writing paralysis usually comes from not having thought through the idea, not finding the key point I want to make.
2) Writing paralysis is the result of expecting too much of ourselves the first time out. 

Here's the book's Goodreads profile:

So far, I can recommend the book, even to experienced writers. 
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+Andrew Lee you're welcome :)
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I write books and guides about the business of web development at
Sales, Digital Marketing, Writing, Public Speaking.
  • - App for Digital Agency Business Owners
    Co-Founder and Writer, 2010 - present
    I write about my personal experience in co-founding, running and organizing a website development business. I'm happiest when I hear from business owners (software developers, designers, marketers, project managers) who are inspired by my many mistakes and victories.
  • - Python & Django Web Development Consultancy
    Co-Founder and Senior Internet Consultant, 2002 - present
    At my consultancy I help experienced companies who sell complex products and services succeed online. My main consulting products are comprehensive B2B and eCommerce website audits and reviews which solve tough problems such as "Why isn't our website attracting enough visitors?" and "Why isn't our website converting enough visitors to sales and leads?". Tell me what goal you want to achieve and I'll show you exactly why and where your website is leaking sales.
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The business of web development is what I write about for I'm sharing my experience in co-founding, running and organizing a web agency through my books and articles.
★ I'm a writer  

I wrote a business book called Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies. It helps web professionals skip months of indecision, avoid common mistakes and build profitable recurring revenue services in the fastest way possible.

I'm writing a weekly newsletter about the business of website development for Simpfinity. Articles I publish there I don't publish anywhere else, so subscribe. It's free and the readers love it. 

★ I'm an entrepreneur  

I have spent 12 years acquiring experience. I will spend the next 12 sharing it through my books, articles and the products my company makes.

In 2002 I co-founded a European Python & Django web consultancy logIT where I work today and where I acquired my sales, digital marketing and copywriting skills. Follow our Google+ page.

Now I work on Simpfinity: a sales proposal + project management + client support web application for web agencies. My company developed Simpfinity in 2010 for internal purposes and my team is currently working on releasing it as an all-in-one software product for everyone to use. Follow our Google+ page and subscribe to Simpfinity email newsletter.

I'm passionate about building my own expertise in website architecture, web usability, conversion rate optimization, sales, lead generation, writing, copywriting and digital marketing in general. The Internet is in my DNA.


- running a digital agency / web development consultancy business
- organizing business processes
- managing web agency's workflows
- achieving and maintaining profitability

- entrepreneurship
- sales
- digital marketing (inbound, SEO, content, social, Google+)
- copywriting
- blogging
- books & publishing

- eCommerce
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I'm all of this: writer, pirate, activist, vegan, fan of cats.

- writing
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- science fiction
- #pirate party stuff
- #bitcoin
- #BasicIncome
- social justice
- vegan
- #Caturday (posting a few times a year)


"Perfect Digital Business" Series
I've started writing this Google+ original post series, where I explore the features of a freedom-enabling business.

Announcing the series:
Part 4: Passion

People also liked these posts of mine: (Why don't you just summarize the article you're sharing on social media?) (How to start building your internet maketing platform from absolute zero followers, post on Google+) (How to write when you're afraid you're not expert enough, post on Google+) (What Guy Kawasaki does to sell shiitake-load of books, post on my blog

If you circle me, don't be shy - say hello and tell me what I did or said that made you circle me. Thanks a million!
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Varazdin - Zagreb
Private jacuzzi in your own apartment with thermal water, the best vegan meals in the country - bar none, friendly staff, and spa area with whirpool and saunas. Luxurious stay at prices anyone could afford. Really, you should come here.
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reviewed 8 months ago
The best vegetarian pizza I've ever eaten. Highly recommended.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Delicious food and friendly staff and owners. I love having a lunch there and I would recommend this restaurant every day and twice on Sunday. Excellent WIFI signal, ask the staff for the password.
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Otkako smo dedicated servere prebacili iz SAD k Avalonu, preporodili smo se jer se sad možemo koncentrirati na naš vlastiti biznis, a brigu za servere povjerili smo ljudima koji znaju što rade, uvijek su dostupni i reagiraju na naše specijalne muzičke želje.
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7 reviews
Great ambient, very good beer.
Food: GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Excellent chinese food, and people working there are so friendly and fun, it's an enjoyment! Everytime I'm in Rijeka, we meet our friends for lunch there.
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Za najkonkurentniju ključnu riječ u našoj branši, i za najkonkurentniju lokaciju u državi, prvi smo na Google Places - zahvaljujući i YabadooIT Marketing ekipi, s kojima smo postali i prijatelji i uspješni poslovni partneri. Naše Google Places rezultate ne bismo dali nikome drugome da ih dira.
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reviewed 4 years ago