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The ridiculousness of calling yourself a "GURU" (an example): imagine you were looking for a cleaning service company to hire them to clean your offices. Now imagine their employees called themselves "cleaning gurus".

Wouldn't they look ridiculous?

That's how I imagine other professionals think about us, "the creative types", who call ourselves the same.

Conclusion: remove the word "guru" (and its ilk such as: ninja, rockstar, wizard, maven, sage...) from your CV, from your websites, from your copy.

Alternative to "guru": if you specialize in something, "specialist" is a much more neutral word.

What is your favorite alternative to "guru"?
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"If you consider yourself a guru or an expert without being licenced to this term by someone else (official school), you are actually proclaiming it yourself." +Dusan Vrban
Et voilà!
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Remove crappy Taboola and other ads from your browser with this FREE Chrome ad blocking extension

Here are the instructions on how to block Taboola ads: (you need to manually add it to your filters)

I was so annoyed with Taboola ads on so many websites that I installed this little extension. (Taboola ads are those low-quality content pieces that promote hair-loss miracles and other crap that you can see all over the place, even on Business Insider for example). Blocking those ads is my message to publishers that they've gone too far in monetizing their traffic. I've never seen a useful Taboola content piece in my life and I doubt that I will lose anything by never seeing those ads again.

Adblock Plus is one cool project. It does not block unobtrusive ads by default, for example. And it allows you to set your own criteria about what constitutes a bad ad. To me, everything that pops up, and shoves bullshit content in my face, is a no-no. From now on, I block all of that. 

This ad blocker can do all sorts of other cool stuff, like block social buttons. 

Happy surfing! 
Adblock Plus is the most popular adblocker available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android and Internet Explorer. Block all annoying ads all over the web: remove video ads on YouTube, block Facebook ads, get rid of pop-ups and much more. On Google Chrome, Adblock Plus is one of the fastest growing extensions ever. Our adblock for Chrome is being used by 10 million people. Download online for free now!
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+Joel Webber I'll tweak my filters too. I did this only because of Taboola. 
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We have trouble developing passion for useful activities because we have a wrong image of what passion really looks like. This is one of those big discoveries, huge realizations, one that I just had while reading this thread:

Most people, including me, imagine that passion looks like this pretty smiling running lady. She must really be passionate about exercise! She probably never has doubts about going for a run! Her motivation is ironclad!

Passion looks nothing like that.

I want to keep my passion for exercise, but it's hard. It's needlessly hard because I keep imagining smiling women running, and that’s false. That’s not necessarily passion - that’s just a stock photo implanted in my brain by fitness portals.

No, passionate people probably do not smile when they exercise.

The real image of passion is this:

Real passion is that moment when I decide that my health and my long stay on this Earth with my beloved ones is more important than my immediate comfort.

Real passion is the look on my face when I decide to get up, lace up, and get out of my apartment.

Real passion is when I feel like stopping on the track, or doing just one more lap, and then I do ten more - that’s closer to passion than anything else.

If you're searching for passion in anything you want to develop a healthy habit in, stop deluding yourself with false images. Passion is not pretty. Passion is more likely ugly and uncomfortable in the first minute.

Passion is when it hurts, and you still decide to do it, because you prefer the image of you doing it.

What do you want to become passionate about?
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+Mary Iannotti I do the same: exercise in gratitude. I love those little moments. 
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This is totally appropriate, since it's 2015, and we all know who came back to the future in 2015. 
Hoverboard Prototype

If you missed it ... It will be a while before I can get my hands on one though ... :)
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Well, I don't want to have something that everyone can order on :)
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The Kind Of Content I Can't Stand: All Flash, No Photo. Aka, beautiful eye candy, but zero education and information, plus my time has been wasted.

I love slide decks. Sometimes when I'm in a waiting room or in some queue, I take out my smartphone and look at slide decks on Slideshare. It's like looking at picture books for adults. 

Every now and then, I stumble upon a promising presentation, such as this one. And then I'm quickly disappointed: short, clever text on beautiful images, but I can't learn a damn thing from it. 

What can you learn from the following content on one slide? 

Slide 1
"Demonstrates intellectual curiosity and investment"

Slide 2
"Shows strong instincts & confidence"

What on this good Earth can I learn from that content?

I hear it all the time: "People just don't read online. You gotta give them pretty pictures. It's a visual world now." 

I beg to differ. Let me show you the kind of presentation I love:

It's 47 slides by Marketing Experiments, rich in information, text, data, science, and practical examples. You could argue that their visual style could be better. That their presentations lack the visual candy. But I'd much rather flip through their slides, than through pretty images.

Why are we creating content, at all? What are the stories that we tell ourselves about our roles in marketing? If we could choose between being an educator or an entertainer in digital marketing, what do we believe would get us more ROI on our content, in our industry?

I just feel that this particular content piece totally missed the opportunity to educate. While it does serve as an example of well created visual candy, it totally lacks "meat", aka "I didn't get what I was promised".
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+Joshua Alvarez yeah, I find myself always having to dig deeper to find out about their posts
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Don't mess with the Bosnians :)

//via +Damir Mujić on Facebook
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ha ha ha... :)
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Please (Un)subscribe to/from my newest collections
Finally, a feature worth spending more time on Google+ (I've been absent a lot lately). Here are the topical collections I will be posting to (and have been posting about since ever), so feel free to (un)subscribe from the ones that do (not) interest you. This way you get the best from me and none of my stuff that annoys you.


Business of Web Dev & Marketing - - follow if you own a web development company, digital agency, marketing consultancy, or similar. Here I post my experience in running one such business, and related topics.

Sales & Selling - - I love sales, I've been working in sales for the past 13 years, and I'm good at it. I also love talking about sales and here is where I'll post about it.

Digital Marketing - self-explanatory. 

Business & Entrepreneurship - a general business topic. Follow if you own a business or want to read business advice.

Writing, Books & Publishing - I'm a writer, I published a book, and I love everything about that. Connect with me via my posts.


Abundance & Better Future - lots of new technology, exponential tech, ways to improve our lives now and create a better future together. I mostly share links with my personal comments about abundant proof that we're living in a ever-improving world.

Science & Sci-Fi -  I mostly share links with my personal comments about science. An occasional scifi joke. 

Health, Without the BS - I filter all the health & fitness advice online and ignore all the bullshit. And sometimes I post about it.

Caturday - you'll want to unsubscribe from this if you don't like me posting a cat picture ten times a year :)
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I hate to brag, but we had collections years ago. :)
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Men's bag for all your gadgets and everyday stuff. You'll even look cool wearing it.

Support this project on Kickstarter and get a cool ergonomical bag that stays slim even when you fill it with all the stuff that you're now carrying in your pockets. The bag is $85 (early bird special), or you can support the project starting at only $3. 

This is a project by a Croatian product designer Ladislav Juric. Share if you like the bag!
Ladislav Juric is raising funds for Baggizmo - the only everyday carry bag you will ever need on Kickstarter! Put your gizmo in Baggizmo! It's an unique EDC bag for all the gadgets and things you need to have at your fingertips at all times.
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The project is picking up, nice :)
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Computers, wowen into the fabrics of our clothes (VIDEO, 4 min)
Invisible, lightweight, no different from our standard clothes. But powerful. By Google.
Holy moly... wearable computing in the form of clothes just got more real.

As some of you know, I started out in life working in the fashion industry. I started in fashion design school, learning how to become a fashion designer. I had a couple of jobs as a fashion designer intern, until my life shifted towards teaching people how to design clothes digitally at a tech company, and finally I ended up spending 10 years of my life as the digital media manager at a big fashion company. 

Fashion is in my blood, and while I don't work with fashion anymore, it's always a passion of mine.

So take a look at Project Jacquard by Google below. This is basically the realization of the dream that we have all had for twenty or so years now.

The amazing thing about this is that we are reaching a point now where we can design clothes that can interface with our devices, without the need for cumbersome tech that gets in the way.  

Think about all the things we can do with XBOX Kinect, and now imagine if we could do all of that without a Kinect device, anywhere, simply because our clothes would have a complete picture of the movement and touch from our body.

I can't wait for this to get to the next stage!
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Aww bqm😘⚠nd ca
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This morning, my bathroom scale showed that I managed to lose all the weight I gained in the past 10-15 years. Guess how I celebrated my accomplishment?

No, I did NOT eat a big glass of chocolate mint ice-cream depicted in this post.

That's what the old Visnja would do. Her idea of a weight loss program would be to make herself miserable for nine months, deny herself most of the life's pleasures like vegan ice-cream, Guinness, XL popcorn in the movie theater, and stuffing herself full with mom's oven-baked potatos (there are two moms now: mine and my boyfriend's. They both make delicious oven-baked potato.) And then she would use food as reward. Talking about anti-motivation.

The new Visnja celebrated by going for a nice 30-minute run. I enjoyed every minute of it.

(Look at the pretentious me, speaking of myself in third person, and telling you about my successes! I promise you I'm not like this in real life, only on social media, where I must maintain a more polished version of me because what would people say. Even my avatar is 'shopped.)

Since I'm sharing this to my "Health, Without The BS" collection, it's appropriate to tell you about the "no BS" part. 

The "no BS" part boils down to this: 

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, eat mostly plant-based diet, exercise regularly, and don't eat more calories than you burn.

Just eating well is not enough.
Just exercising is not enough. 
You have to do both at the same time.

Take it from someone who has lost 25+ kilos in the past and gained almost all of it back. 

There is so much bullshit online regarding nutrition. It's so easy to buy into someone else's commercialized flavor of health, it's rampant online at this moment. If you suspend your critical thinking skills just for a while, you'll develop all kinds of "sensitivities", you'll feel your body drowning in "toxins", you'll adopt a "diet", probably one of the weirder ones, and you'll forget about the basics.

What are the basics, again? 

- Wanna lose weight? Burn more than you eat.
- Wanna maintain weight? Maintain caloric balance. 
- Eat mostly plants. 

Here's a 4-min video of a guy who researched where people live the longest and why is that so: and he said the same. Also, beans. We're not eating enough beans.

I use the +enquos app ( to track my food, fitness, weight, symptoms, water intake + a number of parameters others might find useful, such as cycle, meds, symptoms, etc. I have been able to fine tune my nutrition well, remove some of the health problems I've been having, and manage my weight loss goals. 

Happy calorie counting! It will pay off.

Creative Commons Image Credit:
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+Izvezen Motiv that's my experience as well: our limits are mostly mental. I've seen it first when I started my running practice last September, and it has taught me a lesson that maybe there are other limits elsewhere that have nothing to do with my physical attributes, but with my attitude and mental strength?
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Do you let your clients call you on a Friday night? Do you answer their calls? [MY NEW ARTICLE ABOUT THE WEB AGENCY BUSINESS, 3 min read]

I bet the clients who make a habit of interrupting you outside regular business hours aren't your most profitable clients.

I wrote this article because I hear about this over and over and over again: "I do everything for them, but my clients just don't respect me."

I see smart web professionals sit at their computers on weekends because they are mistaking "excellence" for "amateurish attitude". 

I also firmly believe that clients should be paying extra for getting guaranteed access to us when we're not in the office.

And there is a way to let the clients know about it politely. Details in the article.
How come web professionals get LESS respect when they make themselves available almost 24/7? [NEW BLOG ARTICLE]
It's because what we think is professional behavior, isn't.

In this article we're raising awareness that web professionals, especially freelancers, must set some rules and boundaries about how and when their clients can contact them.

BDSM metaphors included :)

However, your experience might be completely different, and in that case, do comment here.
This is counter-intuitive, but it's true: making yourself available to clients' whims outside business hours won't get you their respect. Why not? Because that's not how professionals behave, and clients can feel it. They will treat you as if you were an amateur if you're presenting yourself to them as one. This article raises awareness to that fact.
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Uber for everything, aka "on-demand concierge economy based on apps". One reason to love San Francisco, where most of this economy exists. I wish there was something like this where I live.

This is one great trend that is reshaping how people think about services and their free time. There will always be people who value their free time more than their money, but who just won't pay too much to professional service companies. There's a gap between what professional services charge and the perceived value of their services. 
Apps do your chores: shopping, parking, cooking, cleaning, packing, shipping and more
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+Zex Konjina that movie is so old I don't remember anything except who was in it
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I write books and guides about the business of web development at
Sales, Digital Marketing, Writing, Public Speaking.
  • - App for Digital Agency Business Owners
    Co-Founder and Writer, 2010 - present
    I write about my personal experience in co-founding, running and organizing a website development business. I'm happiest when I hear from business owners (software developers, designers, marketers, project managers) who are inspired by my many mistakes and victories.
  • - Python & Django Web Development Consultancy
    Co-Founder and Senior Internet Consultant, 2002 - present
    At my consultancy I help experienced companies who sell complex products and services succeed online. My main consulting products are comprehensive B2B and eCommerce website audits and reviews which solve tough problems such as "Why isn't our website attracting enough visitors?" and "Why isn't our website converting enough visitors to sales and leads?". Tell me what goal you want to achieve and I'll show you exactly why and where your website is leaking sales.
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The business of web development is what I write about for I'm sharing my experience in co-founding, running and organizing a web agency through my books and articles.
★ I'm a writer  

I wrote a business book called Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies. It helps web professionals skip months of indecision, avoid common mistakes and build profitable recurring revenue services in the fastest way possible.

I'm writing a weekly newsletter about the business of website development for Simpfinity. Articles I publish there I don't publish anywhere else, so subscribe. It's free and the readers love it. 

★ I'm an entrepreneur  

I have spent 12 years acquiring experience. I will spend the next 12 sharing it through my books, articles and the products my company makes.

In 2002 I co-founded a European Python & Django web consultancy logIT where I work today and where I acquired my sales, digital marketing and copywriting skills. Follow our Google+ page.

Now I work on Simpfinity: a sales proposal + project management + client support web application for web agencies. My company developed Simpfinity in 2010 for internal purposes and my team is currently working on releasing it as an all-in-one software product for everyone to use. Follow our Google+ page and subscribe to Simpfinity email newsletter.

I'm passionate about building my own expertise in website architecture, web usability, conversion rate optimization, sales, lead generation, writing, copywriting and digital marketing in general. The Internet is in my DNA.


- running a digital agency / web development consultancy business
- organizing business processes
- managing web agency's workflows
- achieving and maintaining profitability

- entrepreneurship
- sales
- digital marketing (inbound, SEO, content, social, Google+)
- copywriting
- blogging
- books & publishing

- eCommerce
- conversion rate optimization #cro
- web usability

If you like these topics, you can: 

1) follow the profiles, pages and communities where I post:
- my personal G+ profile (the one you're looking at now)

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- put me in a special circle and turn the notifications on, so that you get all my Google+ stuff. I never post garbage.

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I'm all of this: writer, pirate, activist, vegan, fan of cats.

- writing
- science
- science fiction
- #pirate party stuff
- #bitcoin
- #BasicIncome
- social justice
- vegan
- #Caturday (posting a few times a year)


"Perfect Digital Business" Series
I've started writing this Google+ original post series, where I explore the features of a freedom-enabling business.

Announcing the series:
Part 4: Passion

People also liked these posts of mine: (Why don't you just summarize the article you're sharing on social media?) (How to start building your internet maketing platform from absolute zero followers, post on Google+) (How to write when you're afraid you're not expert enough, post on Google+) (What Guy Kawasaki does to sell shiitake-load of books, post on my blog

If you circle me, don't be shy - say hello and tell me what I did or said that made you circle me. Thanks a million!
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Private jacuzzi in your own apartment with thermal water, the best vegan meals in the country - bar none, friendly staff, and spa area with whirpool and saunas. Luxurious stay at prices anyone could afford. Really, you should come here.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
The best vegetarian pizza I've ever eaten. Highly recommended.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Delicious food and friendly staff and owners. I love having a lunch there and I would recommend this restaurant every day and twice on Sunday. Excellent WIFI signal, ask the staff for the password.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Otkako smo dedicated servere prebacili iz SAD k Avalonu, preporodili smo se jer se sad možemo koncentrirati na naš vlastiti biznis, a brigu za servere povjerili smo ljudima koji znaju što rade, uvijek su dostupni i reagiraju na naše specijalne muzičke želje.
Public - 3 years ago
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7 reviews
Great ambient, very good beer.
Food: GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Excellent chinese food, and people working there are so friendly and fun, it's an enjoyment! Everytime I'm in Rijeka, we meet our friends for lunch there.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Za najkonkurentniju ključnu riječ u našoj branši, i za najkonkurentniju lokaciju u državi, prvi smo na Google Places - zahvaljujući i YabadooIT Marketing ekipi, s kojima smo postali i prijatelji i uspješni poslovni partneri. Naše Google Places rezultate ne bismo dali nikome drugome da ih dira.
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago