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Losing weight, the hard way (but the only good way). With pictures. Lots of good, sane information, 0% crap. This is exactly what worked for me, it should work for most humans because it's based on fundamental principles of physics (unless you have a medical condition, but not self-diagnosed, mind you, a real physician with a real medical diploma must confirm your diagnosis). 
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A 1000x YES to this: “Car as a Service: An 'autonomous Uber' (or equivalent) will be 10x cheaper than owning a car. When the density of these vehicles reaches critical mass, you’ll be able to hail a ride in 60 seconds."

Also, VR will make certain travels obsolete, such as traveling for business meetings and for shopping. I already stopped traveling for groceries shopping (there's a highly advanced web shop with everything I need in my city). I can't wait the future when I can buy a summer dress that perfectly suits me, from the comfort of my own home.

I'd be willing to relocate to another country, for good if needed, which will have car as a service in the future.
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The fluffiest living creature I've ever seen. Please +Bobbi Jo Woods look at this. JUST LOOK AT THIS. IKR?
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When you have tough problems, minor annoyances seem like problems too.
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Dalmatian islands and ancient coastal cities in Croatia, such as Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik, are full of beautiful little streets such as this one, with coffee shops and restaurants.
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Imagine not owning anything, and having access to everything you could ever possibly need. That's the future I want to work for. We're living in a wasteful society in which people buy things they use once or twice a year (how many times a year do you go skiing? How much did your skiing gear cost you?) That's why we sometimes struggle financially: our money is locked in owning assets we don't use.

Instead, Imagine "subscribing" to a Universal service which delivers clothes, tools, food, cars, personal aviation for traveling, everything you need - and does so quickly and reliably.

Poverty, and not wealth, is the default state of human civilization. Poverty exists because future is not well distributed yet. Technology and science are our best bet for that future.
In the future you will own nothing and have access to everything
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Hate to say it, but true. 
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Genome sequencing price, charted against Moore's law curve. Today, you can get your DNA sequenced for $1400 in 2 days. The first human genome sequenced cost 3 Billion dollars and it took 15 years. In the future, it will be possible to screen your blood for DNA damages in a routine annual check up, and to detect cancer in its early stage. 
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+Visnja Zeljeznjak and now a more technical answer (not related to insurance). Our "modern medicine" is so outdated, that most of it should be only on display in museums.

Heart transplant?
You mean ripping off organs from dead people (or from kidnapped kids on the black market) and putting them using butchery methods into those still alive? And since they are DNA incompatible, they have to take immune suppressors till the end of their lives, which basically means they live without immunity. So they die quickly.

Dental work?
You mean outdated technology which puts bits of ceramic in my mouth, with metal screws? Instead of in-vitro grown real teeth or laser-induced regenerative methods (which is now like 45 years old technology).
But even the previously mentioned ceramic fillings aren't free. Nope. The basic insurance (if you have it) only covers the poisonous mercury fillings. Yes, those that should have been banned 30 years ago. But are still legal here, and all over the world.

Yes, our modern medicine sucks. It's better than medieval medicine, but is that something to be proud of? We have abnormally advanced technology that is kept away from normal patients. And this outdated tech that is available to us, medicine charges us like it's made of gold. This a crime against humanity. One day pupils in elementary school will know this as the dark age of medicine.
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This insightful article claims that, as we develop more accurate attribution models for measuring advertising, Google's empire might crumble if they don't adapt: "Google is deeply dependent on search during a shift to serendipitous discovery and ads designed to interrupt the user’s attention are being replaced by advertising designed to engage them. Its competitor, Facebook, is on the right side of all these trends."
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We tackle and God tackles, however what almighty God tackles is what will started late but as said Arabic horse competes at the turns and curves. 
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This important survey concluded that "while using a pop-up form on your website may increase sign-ups, this study suggests that it may also significantly reduce those visitors’ desire to trust or buy your business." I can't stress enough how important trust is today on the internet. I am strongly against popups and I never use them on any of my websites, nor would I advise my clients to use them. Does that hurt the conversion rate? YES. But I bet you if TRUST was a metric you could track precisely in Google Analytics, marketers would finally understand how much trust they're losing with popups.
Consumer Survey: How do Website Visitors Feel about Pop-ups? By Danny Richman #MozTop10
A study showing the impact of pop-ups on brand reputation and trust for online visitors.
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+Monika Schmidt you're very welcome! 
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This is a regular sight in Croatia. Don't you wish you could be sitting here right now, drinking a cold drink, not having a worry on your mind?
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"Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism." I rarely post about politics, but when I do... It's the best political article I've read this year. It comes from Garry Kasparov, and it talks about the nature of socialism as compared to capitalism.

My friends with anti-capitalism / pro-socialism tendencies should read this, it really makes you think.

Unlike so many 21st century socialists, Garry actually lived in a socialist country turned totalitarian state, and knows what he's talking about when he writes this:

"While inequality is a huge problem, the best way to increase everyone’s share of pie is to make the pie bigger, not to dismantle the bakery."

"Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty."

"The idea that the solution [to inequality] is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.”

"A society that relies too heavily on redistributing wealth eventually runs out of wealth to redistribute."

"Even the most socialist of the European countries only became wealthy enough to embrace redistribution after free-market success made them rich." (You've probably read how Norway proclaimed that not a single tree would be cut in their country anymore; only a hugely rich capitalist country can afford to care about the environment like that).

"Innovation requires freedom of thought."

Garry proposes a solution to hugely powerful capitalist companies (if that's the thing we're afraid of). The solution is not socialism, it's anti-trust laws. They fucking work.

I was born in socialist Yugoslavia, and while it was not a totalitarian state, I don't ever want to go back there. I'd rather live in a society where it's important to catch all the Pokemons.

Now excuse me while I go back to work, using hardware and software and jobs created by government-run socialist countries. Not.
Why my rant against the Democratic candidate’s prescription for America went viral.
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+Zex Konjina I don't believe it's socialism that changed the USA (this is the country you're referring to). I believe it's 100% capitalism. Smart companies have figured out that if they treat their employees better, that they'll create better output for the company. It's for the love of productivity all this has happened, and productivity is praised everywhere where capitalism thrives. 
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I just discovered a funny typo: leadershit. Funny how I never saw this word online before, when there are 79,700 results for it. 
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I always loved witches and witch stories, and when I heard that there was an "in real life" game available in Zagreb related to witches, it was a no brainer to go there and see for myself. Loved, loved the atmosphere, the puzzles, the interior, everything. I've never been to an escape room before, now I hope for more stories to play.
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Food was very good, I only wish the portions were a little bigger because I was hungry :) the ambience is wonderful, you're eating your meal in the old city, practically on the street!
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The best vegetarian pizza I've ever eaten. Highly recommended.
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Delicious food and friendly staff and owners. I love having a lunch there and I would recommend this restaurant every day and twice on Sunday. Excellent WIFI signal, ask the staff for the password.
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9 reviews
Private jacuzzi in your own apartment with thermal water, the best vegan meals in the country - bar none, friendly staff, and spa area with whirpool and saunas. Luxurious stay at prices anyone could afford. Really, you should come here.
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Great ambient, very good beer.
Food: GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
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Excellent chinese food, and people working there are so friendly and fun, it's an enjoyment! Everytime I'm in Rijeka, we meet our friends for lunch there.
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