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Exercise causes your brain to grow and form new brain cells and other fine facts in this short and sweet 3-min TED talk. Don't miss it!
Dean Ornish shares new research that shows how adopting healthy lifestyle habits can affect a person at a genetic level. For instance, he says, when you live healthier, eat better, exercise, and love more, your brain cells actually increase.
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Well, then I guess the success of Naomi Campbell had absolutely nothing to do with her genetics? :)
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The Internet of Everything: recent Cisco study placing the value of IoE as a $19 trillion opportunity

The Biggest Business Opportunities Will Be in Making Systems More Efficient.
"50+ billion connected devices, loaded with a dozen or more sensors, will create a trillion-sensor ecosystem.

These devices will create what I call a state of perfect knowledge, where we'll be able to know what we want, where we want, when we want."

~Peter Diamandis
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+Zex Konjina this is how it begins :)
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The Star Trek show had a political agenda for doing good in the world
George Takei tells Bill Maher how Gene Roddenberry was dealing with political issues in their time and how they used metaphors on the show to change the minds of American people. I did not know that Uhura kissing Kirk was one of the first interracial kisses in the history of American TV. Love that show, love what they did for humanity!
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+Darian Harder One of my favorite episodes was "Day of the Dove" in which the message was an outside force was stirring up feelings of hatred, distrust, and prejudice to keep the fighting going. The "alien" made enemies of the "Starfleet" crew and "The Klingons." Alien being the elite and the media and the Starfleet and Klingon's crews represented any pawn in a war game, whether it be Vietnam, or communists, ...etc.
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Cat plays dead to avoid going for a walk: (3 min video)

Just leave the poor kitty at home :)

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:))))) Incredible. If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it :))
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I improved my sales skills when I stopped saying YES to most leads I got. In my newest article for +Simpfinity I explain why digital agencies and web professionals need to create an avalanche of leads: because when all you've got is one lead, that lead becomes the center of your universe. This lead may not be the perfect client, but we pursue it as if it was.
The case for attracting more leads than your digital agency can handle [NEW BLOG ARTICLE]. When your agency is attracting too many leads, something great happens: you naturally start prequalifying leads. 

You learn how valuable your time is, and you start treating it like it deserves, i.e. you make it your mission to recognize that one perfect client who will buy from you. 

A good salesperson juggling fifty leads can drop most of those leads and still feel good about it. Learning how not to feel bad about dropping leads in sales is how become great in sales.

#sales #website #web #dev #design
When a client calls to ask for a website or an app or an internet marketing campaign, we should not be selling. We should be suspicious, we should doubt that the person has called the right number. Not every caller is a perfect fit for our agency.
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I like what +Sasha Matijasic did with his Consulting Services page:

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Adding +Dusan Vrban advise, why not take this creative idea to the next level. Redirect it to National Geographic Archives and let the client finds out there :)
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How to build the culture of social in a company? (open question)

I want to hear good ideas on this topic too. Being the champion / pioneer / advocate of anything new in a company is hard, frustrating, and time consuming. I've had limited success in my company (not everyone is a scribbler like me!) and I would love to hear success stories from small companies. 

Does everyone in the company need to be social these days?

What if you have an awesome expert who just does not care about social?

Is true digital citizenship really a prerequisite for landing a job in the 21. century? If no, when? If yes, what do you do with non-digital citizens?

Discuss on the original thread, I've disabled comments in mine.
How do you motivate people internally? (open question)
Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me about ways to motivate people internally about social. A big brand wanted to get their employees to have a more social media culture in general, but struggling to figure out how.

They are thinking about doing some kind of gimmick, you know, doing something they could put on each desk, but I cannot imagine what that could be. 

Back when I was working at a big company, the way I motivated people were though really time-intensive internal lobbying. I would talk with people, promote ideas, suggest concepts and plans over and over and over again. 

And I usually did this on a one-to-one basis. And every single time someone did something good, I would highlight it. I might send out an email to the entire department, praising that person for doing something ‘social’. 

And it worked. 

I tried to do many other things as well. I published short blog posts on our intranet when something interesting had happened on our social channels. I published an internal newsletter. These may have contributed to the change in culture as well, but nowhere near as effective as the lobbying. 

Of course, all of this was 7 years ago, back when many people didn’t even know what Facebook was. So part of my challenge was not just to get people to see the value for the business, but also to get each employee to be social themselves (which our corporate IT department completely ruined by blocking all access to social sites/tools, unless you had been whitelisted. They even blocked me from using Tweetdeck)

But basically, I approached it as an on-going internal PR campaign. I would lobby the people I considered to be the smartest, most influential, and most important to change. I would lobby everyone around them each time these influencers did something useful. I would use mass communications to let the rest of the company know when something was achieved (big and small wins). 

Basically, advocating, advocating and advocating. 

The problem with this approach is that it’s incredibly time-intensive, and you are only influencing a small part of the business (which you then hope will also influence others). 

A problem is also that it only worked for me because I had the ‘power’ to work across departments. If you have a very rigid corporate structure, I’m not sure you could have done it that way. 

So, how would you do this? Remember, we are talking about big companies here (1,000+ employees). Do you have any good ideas for motivating people internally in big companies about social (and I don’t just mean Facebook, but the social culture)?
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Justness + Profit = Capitalism 2.0: Rethinking Capitalism. Wonderful 10-min VIDEO by a hedge fund manager who wants to do something about inequality. I totally agree with him when he says that capitalism is responsible for some of the most important innovations and breakthroughs in our history, therefore we should not destroy capitalism, we should build upon it. Capitalism is a stepping stone and we should step on it to see further, to build something better. 

//via +Firas Hermez 
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"The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, and oil combined. And there's no going back. The shift occurred in 2013, when the world added 143 gigawatts of renewable electricity capacity, compared with 141 gigawatts in new plants that burn fossil fuels."

//via +Radoslav Dejanović
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What's Twitter's problem? 
Quote from the article: "The fact that such rumors are even floating is just another small sign of growing impatience among investors, particularly with Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo. After he overhauled much of the company’s top ranks last year, there aren’t many heads left to roll besides his own. I have to believe Twitter’s board believes it’s worth letting at least one more seasoned CEO see if they can fix the company’s struggles to develop products that will drive user growth and engagement, and of course more revenue."

I don't understand what's going on in the minds of people at the helm of Twitter. They only need to model what two other most successful advertising companies are doing: Google and Facebook. The difference between Google/Facebook and Twitter is in self-serve advertising platforms, available worldwide. I believe this is the single most important reason why Google and Facebook are loaded with cash, and Twitter isn't. 

What's Twitter doing? It's not letting small businesses in on their advertising platform. It's not available in the most of the world. It requires only certain agencies to advertise online. Twitter did not develop their platform to be agency-friendly. 

For the record, another network, Linkedin, is doing the same: not letting businesses throughout the world advertise. But if I'm not mistaken, Linkedin is profitable, unlike Twitter. I may be frustrated with what Linkedin is doing, but at least their actions have positive results. (For now.)
Let’s just start by saying that the idea that Google is going to buy Twitter is ludicrous.
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Twitter?  Aren't they still inscribing on stone tablets?
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The value of US B2B e-commerce sales will be $1.132 trillion by 2020, Forrester Research urges companies to get to work now on a digital strategy for dealing with customers.

This comes as no surprise: B2C eCommerce may be sexier, but B2B eCommerce is where the money's at. 

This huge opportunity is being driven by "channel-shifting" B2B buyers who are buying more online than through phone and other offline channels. More than 60% of all buying decisions in B2B sales is now being made before the buyer has chosen to come in first contact with the B2B supplier. 

Good news for those of us consultancies who chose to focus on ramping up B2B companies to the online world!
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This is the app I use for tracking what I eat and how I exercise. Use an app to gain awareness, it'll do you good

Since I started exercising regularly and eating more mindfully in September 2014, I've had great results:

1) Running (1x week) and swimming (4x week) are now my new habits. 
2) I've been able to fine-tune my nutrition for my special health needs (vegan, problems with hypoglycemia), without gaining weight or getting sick.
3) I lost 14 kilos in the process, losing more as we speak. 

This Enquos app has been a tremendous help. It made me aware of the caloric intake values of the foods I eat regularly, and as a result, I was able to cut back on stuff that hurt me and increase stuff that helps my health.

For example, I was shocked the other day when I learned that I ate 4x the allowed daily dose od sodium, and I realized that particular foods I've been eating every day contain huge amounts of sodium. Nobody needs that much salt. 

Another example: humans are soooo bad at estimating how much calories their food contains. That's why we get fat. When Enquos encouraged me to start counting calories, I was shocked to see how little food I am allowed to eat for dinner (if I'm to follow my weight loss plan that Enquos calculated for me).

Another surprise came when I realized that my body does not need the mountains of food I used to eat for dinner, lunch, breakfast. I run and swim regularly, and I do not need that much more food!

And then, as a vegan, I was surprised to learn that I am NOT eating enough protein. As a result, I started buying foods that contain lots of good, healthy proteins (pumpkin seeds, for example - thank you +Tessa Schlesinger for that tip!) and adding them mindfully to the meals I created. And when you know exactly how many calories you're eating, you'll never make a bad decision (protein-rich food is usually high in calories too). 

In the future, I believe this data that I'm now entering in the app might help some future personalized doctor help me better. Imagine having a decade of precise nutrition and exercise data and how this might help someone make a better decision. 

Awareness is the first step and that's why the #quantifiedself  movement will gain in popularity with time. I was never able to maintain my health after weight loss, I always gained almost everything back. I now know why, and for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I believe I am now doing the right thing. I now believe in a simple thing: exercise regularly to spend more calories than you eat, and know your exact numbers.

Do you use a similar app? What do you do with it, and with the data you get?
enquos is the first comprehensive system to track, organize and securely share your nutrition, fitness and health data, while providing tools to optimize your choices with ease. Register today at

#QuantifiedSelf #mHealth #DigitalHealth #fitnessapps #nutritionapps #trackingapps
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+Visnja Zeljeznjak currently on a ferry but lets try :)
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The business of web development is what I write about for I'm sharing my experience in co-founding, running and organizing a web agency through my books and articles.
★ I'm a writer  

I wrote a business book called Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies. It helps web professionals skip months of indecision, avoid common mistakes and build profitable recurring revenue services in the fastest way possible.

I'm writing a weekly newsletter about the business of website development for Simpfinity. Articles I publish there I don't publish anywhere else, so subscribe. It's free and the readers love it. 

★ I'm an entrepreneur  

I have spent 12 years acquiring experience. I will spend the next 12 sharing it through my books, articles and the products my company makes.

In 2002 I co-founded a European Python & Django web consultancy logIT where I work today and where I acquired my sales, digital marketing and copywriting skills. Follow our Google+ page.

Now I work on Simpfinity: a sales proposal + project management + client support web application for web agencies. My company developed Simpfinity in 2010 for internal purposes and my team is currently working on releasing it as an all-in-one software product for everyone to use. Follow our Google+ page and subscribe to Simpfinity email newsletter.

I'm passionate about building my own expertise in website architecture, web usability, conversion rate optimization, sales, lead generation, writing, copywriting and digital marketing in general. The Internet is in my DNA.


- running a digital agency / web development consultancy business
- organizing business processes
- managing web agency's workflows
- achieving and maintaining profitability

- entrepreneurship
- sales
- digital marketing (inbound, SEO, content, social, Google+)
- copywriting
- blogging
- books & publishing

- eCommerce
- conversion rate optimization #cro
- web usability

If you like these topics, you can: 

1) follow the profiles, pages and communities where I post:
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I'm all of this: writer, pirate, activist, vegan, fan of cats.

- writing
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- social justice
- vegan
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"Perfect Digital Business" Series
I've started writing this Google+ original post series, where I explore the features of a freedom-enabling business.

Announcing the series:
Part 4: Passion

People also liked these posts of mine: (Why don't you just summarize the article you're sharing on social media?) (How to start building your internet maketing platform from absolute zero followers, post on Google+) (How to write when you're afraid you're not expert enough, post on Google+) (What Guy Kawasaki does to sell shiitake-load of books, post on my blog

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I write books and guides about the business of web development at
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Private jacuzzi in your own apartment with thermal water, the best vegan meals in the country - bar none, friendly staff, and spa area with whirpool and saunas. Luxurious stay at prices anyone could afford. Really, you should come here.
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The best vegetarian pizza I've ever eaten. Highly recommended.
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Delicious food and friendly staff and owners. I love having a lunch there and I would recommend this restaurant every day and twice on Sunday. Excellent WIFI signal, ask the staff for the password.
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Otkako smo dedicated servere prebacili iz SAD k Avalonu, preporodili smo se jer se sad možemo koncentrirati na naš vlastiti biznis, a brigu za servere povjerili smo ljudima koji znaju što rade, uvijek su dostupni i reagiraju na naše specijalne muzičke želje.
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7 reviews
Great ambient, very good beer.
Food: GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
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Excellent chinese food, and people working there are so friendly and fun, it's an enjoyment! Everytime I'm in Rijeka, we meet our friends for lunch there.
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Za najkonkurentniju ključnu riječ u našoj branši, i za najkonkurentniju lokaciju u državi, prvi smo na Google Places - zahvaljujući i YabadooIT Marketing ekipi, s kojima smo postali i prijatelji i uspješni poslovni partneri. Naše Google Places rezultate ne bismo dali nikome drugome da ih dira.
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reviewed 4 years ago