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This is how you announce a major scientific breakthrough: (8 min video, very worth a look). You start the press conference by "We have detected gravitational waves, we did it!" followed by explanations so clear and interesting that your eyes tear up in awe. This man's name is David Reitze and he's the executive director of LIGO. Hopefully they put him in front of cameras more often.
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Guess The Donald has to make 'Merca great again?
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What I loathe about some publishers: when they know a piece they publish is fake, but still decide to leave in online - to get advertising views.

Before you criticize Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, for saying what the headline claims he said: know that this whole piece is garbage and fake. Jack Ma never said this.

If David Ogilvy's famous saying is still true today, 80% of people never read past the headline, so 80% of people might believe Jack Ma was an asshole.

This piece not only tarnishes a good reputation of an honorable and otherwise humble man, but it says a lot about that online publisher VulcanPost.

Another publisher debunked this:

And what does VulcanPost do? They edit their original bullshit post with a disclaimer at the bottom of the post: "Disclaimer: has very kindly brought to our attention that the original post of this article may not be as reliable as we thought. Upon further deliberation, we have decided not to remove the article because there is still lessons that can be learn from the article itself, as pointed out to us by some of our readers."

Takeaway: raise your awareness about the headlines you never click and refuse to make decisions based on what you do NOT read. Many headlines are misleading, some (like this one) are fake for advertising views, and some are downright malicious, exploiting the lack of time to read the whole article.

This is why I use an ad blocker. VulcanPost did not earn a damn penny for deceiving me.

P.S. if you're wondering about who Jack Ma is, this 4 min video is great: - he's a billionaire entrepreneur and a great inspiration.
Jack Ma is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur. He is the Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, a family of highly successful Internet-based businesses.
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Experimental treatment never before tried on humans gets results: "Layla’s doctors got permission to use an experimental form of gene therapy using genetically engineered immune cells from a donor. Within a month these cells had killed off all the cancerous cells in her bone marrow."

Gene editing, named the most significant scientific breakthrough in 2015, is promising. Yes, this baby was saved with something that has the words genetically engineered in it. Does anyone have a problem with that? I don't. 
<p class="p1">A 1-year-old girl is in remission after receiving an experimental therapy that used genetically engineered T-cells from a donor to kill her cancer</p>
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The most important car of the 21st century will be unveiled in two months. You won't be able to drive it at least until 2018, but I can't stress enough how important it is that this model catches on. It will be the first low(er)-cost, 100% electrical car in the world, aimed at the middle class. I believe that the adoption of this model can speed up the demise of the fossil fuel industry, and I believe that, based on the events that will follow the launch of this car, the world can transition to fully clean personal transportation much sooner than 2050.
"Speaking to Reuters, Tesla spokeswoman Khobi Brooklyn confirmed that the “Model 3 is on schedule” and will be unveiled in March of this year. Brooklyn further added that the company fully expects to start selling the car to consumers in 2017."

The Model 3: 200+ miles of range, seats 5, price = $35K, can use Tesla Superchargers
Since its release in 2012, the performance, ingenuity, safety, and commercial success of Tesla's Model S has far exceeded almost everyone's expectations. The forward-thinking luxury sedan has accum...
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Just in case you're for something more expensive, BMW i3 ain't bad :) Even the hybrid is close to 0 emissions.
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Veganism is going mainstream in the US. Good news! And also an advice on how to successfully influence your friends to eat less meat: stop making veganism about animal welfare (most people don't care that much about animals), start making veganism about their own health!: Read this article too for more stats and data:
2015 brought six important shifts in obesity and nutrition that will have an impact for years to come.
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+DarkNessFF ShAh It's a diet (and lifestyle) that is based on the idea to eat only things people would have eaten back in the stone age. So no processed foods, no added sugar, no flour etc. 
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Exhibiting at a trade show? In our new blog post, we're giving you ideas about how to use your website and digital marketing to get the most from the trade show. Read more here:
Trade shows are among the best channels for generating large numbers of high-quality leads and building relationships with B2B buyers. But because trade shows also have the highest cost per lead, you need to adapt your website to capture more trade show leads. Here’s how: [BLOG POST]

#b2b #leadgeneration
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On Monday my company is visiting the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka, Croatia where +Sasha Matijasic will give a guest lecture about #UNIX to the students of the Department of Computer Engineering. Here's Sasha talking about website development processes last week at the Polytechnic of Rijeka.
Professor Lenac from the Department of Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka has invited our lead developer +Sasha Matijasic for a guest lecture on Monday, December 14th 2015. Students will hear Sasha talk about software development and Unix. Here's a last week's picture of Sasha, giving a lecture about the development processes we use in Logit to graduate students of the Polytechnic in Rijeka, Croatia.
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Touch without the touchscreen for $49 - I have no idea how they make this work, but it's cool. No Macs yet, though.
Check out AirBar by Neonode. It is a sensor bar that you attach beneath your PC screen. Then you can pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll to your hearts delight. Launching on CES in January and is available for pre-order right now. Plug-and-Touch, when you need it!
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The kind of thing / service my company does: B2B website improvement reports.
To our new client Ciklopea, a well-known Croatian translation company, we delivered a website improvement report for increasing their website’s lead generation capabilities online. See what the client got:

#b2b #improvement
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This is funny :)
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My company +Logit Ltd. is now 14 years old. This is me with my team.
Logit is celebrating its 14th birthday! In this new blog post: we briefly reminiscence about the changes in the digital marketing industry in the past 14 years. Includes some interesting stats and links.

This is our team in December 2015, from left to right: +Daniel Maratovic, +Monika Kucic, +Marko Radelic, +Visnja Zeljeznjak, +Ivan Jurisic, +Sasha Matijasic, +Hrvoje Krpan
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Zagreb, Croatia has been named the best European holiday destination this year. "From dreamy lights to beautiful Christmas market stands, the city is everything you need to get into the spirit of the advent season." Everyone is invited!
Looking for some of the prettiest places at Christmas time? Zagreb, Croatia is just what the doctor ordered. Check out these gorgeous photos of the capital city during Advent season.
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I write books and guides about the business of web development at
Sales, Digital Marketing, Writing, Public Speaking.
  • - App for Digital Agency Business Owners
    Co-Founder and Writer, 2010 - present
    I write about my personal experience in co-founding, running and organizing a website development business. I'm happiest when I hear from business owners (software developers, designers, marketers, project managers) who are inspired by my many mistakes and victories.
  • - Python & Django Web Development Consultancy
    Co-Founder and Senior Internet Consultant, 2002 - present
    At my consultancy I help experienced companies who sell complex products and services succeed online. My main consulting products are comprehensive B2B and eCommerce website audits and reviews which solve tough problems such as "Why isn't our website attracting enough visitors?" and "Why isn't our website converting enough visitors to sales and leads?". Tell me what goal you want to achieve and I'll show you exactly why and where your website is leaking sales.
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I wrote a business book called Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies. It helps web professionals skip months of indecision, avoid common mistakes and build profitable recurring revenue services in the fastest way possible.

I'm writing a weekly newsletter about the business of website development for Simpfinity. Articles I publish there I don't publish anywhere else, so subscribe. It's free and the readers love it. 

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I have spent 12 years acquiring experience. I will spend the next 12 sharing it through my books, articles and the products my company makes.

In 2002 I co-founded a European Python & Django web consultancy logIT where I work today and where I acquired my sales, digital marketing and copywriting skills. Follow our Google+ page.

Now I work on Simpfinity: a sales proposal + project management + client support web application for web agencies. My company developed Simpfinity in 2010 for internal purposes and my team is currently working on releasing it as an all-in-one software product for everyone to use. Follow our Google+ page and subscribe to Simpfinity email newsletter.

I'm passionate about building my own expertise in website architecture, web usability, conversion rate optimization, sales, lead generation, writing, copywriting and digital marketing in general. The Internet is in my DNA.


- running a digital agency / web development consultancy business
- organizing business processes
- managing web agency's workflows
- achieving and maintaining profitability

- entrepreneurship
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I'm all of this: writer, pirate, activist, vegan, fan of cats.

- writing
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"Perfect Digital Business" Series
I've started writing this Google+ original post series, where I explore the features of a freedom-enabling business.

Announcing the series:
Part 4: Passion

People also liked these posts of mine: (Why don't you just summarize the article you're sharing on social media?) (How to start building your internet maketing platform from absolute zero followers, post on Google+) (How to write when you're afraid you're not expert enough, post on Google+) (What Guy Kawasaki does to sell shiitake-load of books, post on my blog

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Varazdin - Zagreb
Food was very good, I only wish the portions were a little bigger because I was hungry :) the ambience is wonderful, you're eating your meal in the old city, practically on the street!
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Private jacuzzi in your own apartment with thermal water, the best vegan meals in the country - bar none, friendly staff, and spa area with whirpool and saunas. Luxurious stay at prices anyone could afford. Really, you should come here.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Great ambient, very good beer.
Food: GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Excellent chinese food, and people working there are so friendly and fun, it's an enjoyment! Everytime I'm in Rijeka, we meet our friends for lunch there.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
8 reviews
The best vegetarian pizza I've ever eaten. Highly recommended.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Delicious food and friendly staff and owners. I love having a lunch there and I would recommend this restaurant every day and twice on Sunday. Excellent WIFI signal, ask the staff for the password.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Otkako smo dedicated servere prebacili iz SAD k Avalonu, preporodili smo se jer se sad možemo koncentrirati na naš vlastiti biznis, a brigu za servere povjerili smo ljudima koji znaju što rade, uvijek su dostupni i reagiraju na naše specijalne muzičke želje.
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago