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Norah Lynne Brown
Since 1974, America's favorite place to shop for art and custom framing!
Since 1974, America's favorite place to shop for art and custom framing!

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Your ancestors would like a word. . .
“You’re taking
us to AN ORDINARY framer and you expect
us to SMILE?” They would like us to debunk a few myths
related to framing… TRUE or FALSE: • Framing costs less at craft stores that offer liberal discount coupons. FALSE – dare to compare! We guarant...

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Summon Summer’s Warmth
El Niño notwithstanding, winter has just about worn out its welcome. While Mother Nature may still have a few more wallops up her sleeve, Shayna and I would like to suggest one sure way to bring summer into your world a bit early. Our folks have a glorious ...

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Happy Holidays!
Shayna and I love the holidays, so we thought we’d help spread the cheer with this week’s questions, all having to do with holiday-themed artwork. We hope your holidays are warm, happy and bright! This Gallery Giclées canvas by artist Jim Daly shows a littl...

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Fun Finds only at Gallery One!
Some people think that art galleries are stuffy places where artsy people speak in hushed tones, but if you’ve been to Gallery One, you know that we’re about as pretentious as a basket of puppies. In addition to excellent customer service, we pride ourselve...

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Thanks a million!
As former rescues lucky enough to find a great home, Shayna and I have LOADS to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. And a special THANK YOU to all of our friends who stop in to scratch our ears and follow us on my Facebook page:

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Former refugee becomes a force for global health
Norah Lynne and Alan Brown, Gallery One owners & founders, are justly proud
of their grandson-in law, Phuoc Le.  You may recall Erin, the cute
blonde who helped out at the gallery during her elementary and secondary school
days.  Today, Erin and Phuoc re...

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What's the Difference? - A Print Primer
Clancy here. Each week, people come into Gallery One, just to see us. Many times, they’ll stop to look at the artwork. Naturally, if they have questions, they consult us. Many times they ask us to explain the different formats. So that’s this week’s topic. ...

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Time to turn over a new leaf!
Clancy and I love the fall – the crunchy leaves and cool days are just made for hiking in the woods. And because autumn is one of the most colorful seasons of the year, it’s a favorite subject for many artists. Here are ten examples. See if you can find all...

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Name that artist!
Shayna here. As Gallery One’s “Patrons of the Arfs,” Clancy and I rub elbows (and noses) with dozens of famous artists. To us, they’re just regular humans (only exceptionally talented). To our folks, they’re part of the family. But I digress. We know and lo...

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It's all in the details!
Art – you can look at art again and again and spot hidden details you never noticed. That gave Shayna and me an idea. We thought it would be fun to go outside in camo and see if our folks could find us. It would have worked too, had we made it past this flo...
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