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Levi Sim
I'm just crazy about making pictures, and helping other learn to make their pictures better, too.
I'm just crazy about making pictures, and helping other learn to make their pictures better, too.


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Getting a new computer is both wonderful and completely frustrating. The new machine’s speed is marvelous, but getting all your settings, presets and preferences setup is enough to drive you crazy. The following steps will help get your Perfectly Clear…

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I hope to see you there!
Did you know that your camera inherently fouls up your pictures? You know about a few obvious things like lens distortion, but did you know about infrared and the terrible things it does to colors? Yeah, me neither. That's why I'm glad Jeff Stephens from Athentech Imaging is joining us this month. He's going to help us understand how our cameras make problems for us, and how we can conquer them both while shooting and with software tools like Lightroom and Perfectly Clear. Jeff is a software engineer for Perfectly Clear, which is a tool I use daily to make my pictures look more lifelike. We can't wait to have you join us to learn these skills.

Join regular hosts +Rob Sylvan and +Levi Sim live to ask questions and be entered to win some terrific prizes, too.
This episode will be useful for all levels of Lightroom users from beginner to advanced.

Tune in Live to enter the drawing for some terrific prizes from our sponsors.

We'll see you here on Monday the 1st.

Hosts Rob Sylvan and Levi Sim hangout every month exploring Lightroom to help you smooth your workflow and finish your photographs with the vision in your mind's eye.

Brought to you by Athentech, makers of Perfectly Clear, and Drobo, which provides the simplest tools for backing up your photos.

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First Impressions: Hasselblad's Mirrorless X1D by @PhotoLevi on @Photofocus #X1D #hasselblad #

Hasselblad has made some of the finest cameras since the 1950’s, and their newest camera looks like it fits with their reputation for quality and simplicity. The recently announced X1D stands out from all other medium format cameras because it is…

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Is @on1photo's "Photo RAW Project" the future of market research? by @PhotoLevi on @Photofocus

ON1 recently announced their upcoming software, Photo RAW, and it sounds like it may be a really good solution for most photographers (read more about the features here). They are striving to make the best RAW photo editor, which is a big claim. However,…

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At Level 9 ~ Last night in Minneapolis

I often hunt for silhouettes at this location but it's rare to see subjects who stand out. Last night, a small group of elegant women with beautiful outfits suddenly appeared. It took a few minutes until I was able to isolate one in my frame at the right moment. A little patience, et voila!

#X100T #XPhotographer #FujifilmX_US

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I'll be there on Oct. 15, and it's going to be awesome! Receive $100 off today for a limited time with code JARDIN100 at registration. I'll see you in NYC!

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I have long list of people who are my 'Favorite People', but the list shortens significantly for my 'Very Favorite People.' Well, next Monday I get to spend an hour with two of my Very Favorite People ( +Rob Sylvan  and +Pete Collins​) discussing photography and demonstrating Lightroom, and I'd be tickled if you'd consider joining us, too. It's free, the folks are great, and Perfectly Clear​ is providing prizes...

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If you've never attended +Matthew Jordan Smith's classes, then this is your chance. If you have attended, then you know he's one of the most generous teachers in the world. I can't wait for this one!
Have you ever wanted to drop onto the set of a top pro and see how things really run for a shoot?  Matthew Jordan Smith is going to join us live from Tokyo and walk us through some recent projects.  

Learn how to plan for a shoot, get practical tips on gear setup, and how to manage clients and talent during the shoot.  We'll also explore tethering and onset processing using Lightroom and Perfectly Clear for instant access to polished photos.

Matthew will discuss editorial shooting challenges and how to manage shoots where the client is present.  If you've ever wondered how a pro does it.. don't miss this free event.  

This event is brought to you by Photofocus and Perfectly Clear


Matthew Jordan Smith is an American photographer based in Los Angeles. He has photographed some of the most famous people in the world – including the President of Iceland, Oprah Winfrey, and the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim. He is best known for his portraits of celebrities, actors, and models. His client list include Olay, Pantene, Revlon, Sony Entertainment, HBO and Showtime. His celebrity clients include Angela Bassett, Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, Aretha Franklin and many more.

Matthew launched his career as a photographer in New York City, shooting for major magazines and advertising agencies, and in his spare time he focuses on personal projects. On February 16, 2015, (Presidents' Day) Oro Editions/ Goff Press published Matthew’s third book, Future American President; 50 States, 100 Families, Infinite Dreams. Future American President features portraits of children from 100 families and from every state in America. The goal of Matthew's third book is to inspire every child to dream big knowing they have infinite possibilities. He is currently working on a new project inspired by his travels to Asia.

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This'll be a good one! we're going to show you how to quickly finish off all those holiday pictures your in-laws are probably asking you for about now. Plus, tune in live to be entered in our drawing to win a license of Perfectly Clear. See you next Friday!
Okay...  you made it through the holiday season... chances are you have a ton of photos that you've taken of your family and your trip.  Now its time to get those images organized and processed to look their best.

This webinar will help you get your holiday and vacation photos looking great.  you'll learn how to.

Backup images to multiple hard drives
Set up an organized folder structure to make it easy to find things
Take advantage of cloud-based backup for those precious moments
Quickly fix your images using Photoshop, Lightroom, or a new app called LUCiD
Tackle 20 image problems in just a couple of clicks.

We’ll see you here on Wednesday the 27th! 10 PST, 11 MST, 12 CST, 1 EST

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I"m excited to show you how simple it is to use Perfectly Clear to prepare my family photos for sharing. To me, touching up studio pictures I've made is no great chore for an app--I got it mostly done in camera. It's these pictures I shot in the dark of my kid visiting Santa, or the family dinner, etc that really need some magic, and we're going to show you just how to do it.
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