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Gina Häußge

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Dear Internet,

Stop assuming that everyone is in the USA. This means when you write articles like 'Google Glass is available to everyone today!' - its not, its only available to the USA.
When you  do things like 'Its Pi Day!' or  'its Palindrome week!' - again, its not, its only in the USA where the date format is backwards.

When you have a hangout, meeting, or request work online. When somebody asks your time zone, please be specific  - 'east coast' is not a timezone, neither is 'Pacific' (I live in the pacific!)
Even saying 'CST' can be anything from -6 to +8 hours since there are multiple time zones using that abbreviation ( )

Yours Sincerely
Annoyed and needing coffee
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this is so true. so wish we all had a expanded view. 
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Gina Häußge

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The most important Spanish phrase I learned so far: Odio los lunes :D (although that has gotten way better since I declared Monday octoprint day ;)) 
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If Monday is octoprint day then I say: "¡Viva los lunes!"
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Decided to learn Spanish (about time for another language). A colleague recommended duolingo for that. Having now spent four days with daily exercises with that app I gotta say, best recommendation ever! Gamification for learning a foreign language has worked for me in the past (my mom and I used to play Trivial Pursuit several times a week, her with the regular questions, me with the vocabulary for my Latin classes at school), so the approach taken by duolingo works great so far for me too. So if you've wanted to try something like Spanish, Italian, French or German, you might want to give that app a try (and friend me, some competition helps staying motivated ;))

Also got my hands on a grammar book yesterday and am already starting to be able to formulate basic sentences describing things around me. Quite motivating :) 
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That was perfect +Gina Häußge I am impressed
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Gina Häußge

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Back in Mainhattan, missed the train home by a hair, now waiting for the next connection, should thankfully be in 20min
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Ive been in Frankfurt for 7 months and didnt know you're from near Offenbach! Schade...:-(
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Gina Häußge

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On my way to Madrid to visit +bq. Arrived way too early at the airport of course, but flying still makes me nervous, therefore I decided on some extra time pillow. So, please entertain me :P
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Viel Erfolg knuddel
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Gina Häußge

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Krakute unleashed.
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Gina Häußge

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This. A hundred times this!
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You would despair here ;) EC cash is commonly accepted (although I'd probably have no chance to buy something with that in a bakery), credit cards not so much ;) 
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Gina Häußge

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Ping @ +Thorsten Platz, +Janina Himmen
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My new behind-the-scenes video...
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Gina Häußge

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It was really great meeting up with the guys from +bq! Big thanks again for the invitation and special thanks to +Alberto Valero for being an awesome tour guide and superb "taxi driver" :)

Now back at the airport, freshly screened by security and relaxing at the gate until take off :)
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+coleoptero jmag Gracias!
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Gina Häußge

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Disassembled one of my MS Natural Keyboards. Had to unscrew what felt like millions of screws. Cleaned thoroughly (including a trip through the dish washer). Reassembled. All fine, except for... well... See the picture.

At least it works ;) Will probably never figure out where those left over screws were supposed to go. 
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At least it's screws what you've got left over. Better than having keys over ;)
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