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Listerine: advertises 24 hour protection, but I still have to rinse twice a day? I guess it's still valid

"I guess that depends which thing you want in life. Do you want a life where 23 and a half out of the 24 hours, you're doing pretty well, you're doing what you like, and you're enjoying it... but when you reflect on the meaning of your life you say "eh, maybe it doesn't add up to much"? Or do you want one of those lives where 23 and a half hours you're working hard, you're toiling, you're saying "no, not now, not yet, I already told you..." but every once in a while, you draw a deep breath, you look at the whole thing and you go, "wow, here I am, fulfilling my purpose as a mammal"?" --Daniel Gilbert

Neighbors always cooking stuff that smells SO good... I can smell it most on my way to the gym.

Every time I tell myself to avoid the pothole, and every time I hit the pothole.

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