And the painter was still alive

The title alludes to a sketch from Robert Lamoureux "And the duck was still alive*

This painting (acrylic on canvas, 120cmx80 cm) has been inspired by a photo of Luc Tuymens by Jason Evans. A man who obstinates himself with painting despite the scornfulness emanating from artistic circles  for that craftman's activity.

I wish you a day pleasantly alive

*For #breakfastclub  by +Gemma Costa 
For #paintitclub  by  +Richard Mabb +Celso Carvalho +Clare Bambers +Rick Leaf +Astrid Bartels +Milena Ilieva +k phelps +Stefan Kierek +Elin Vaeth   
For +HQSPPromotion by +Carina Marsh +Marina Versaci +Alison Thurston +Thierry Raemaekers +Delcour Eric +Joe Urbz +Bill Wood +Rinus Bakker 
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