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Helping support the grassroots of your sport..
Helping support the grassroots of your sport..

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Protecting you and your family with Touchline.
Do you have a crystal ball? Well, in an ideal world, yes, you would!
However, we are realistic and we know that life isn’t always as straight forward as we want it to be. Have you ever considered what would happen to your home and your family if any of the following happened;

- Accident, Sickness and Redundancy
- Long Term Sickness or Disability
- Critical Illness
- Premature Death

You’re right, none of these are things we like to think about, however, once you take out your mortgage, the biggest financial committment of your life, these are definitley the things you should be thinking about.
Accident, Sickness and Redundancy
Long Term Sickness or Disability
Critical Illness
Premature Death

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We are pleased to announce our new partnership with everyones favourite second team Hartlepool United Come on you Poolies!

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Sports Injury Insurance from Touchline via HelpuCover

Sports Injury Insurance provides benefits for a range of Sports Accidents. Depending on the level you choose, you could be entitled to receive the following benefits:

Up to £10,000 a year for dental treatment
A cash lump sum of up to £2,000 for a broken bone
Up to £1,000 towards physiotherapy costs
Up to £25 for each night you are in hospital
Up to £750 a month Income Replacement benefit for 3 months if your injury keeps you off work long-term
Affordable Sports Injury Insurance to help you get back on your feet

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Get to know your options!
Mortgage interest rates

• Variable rates - This means you pay the going rate on your loan. The mortgage rate changes every time interest rates change or, as in most cases, the overall effect of any interest rate changes is calculated once a year and payments are altered accordingly

• Fixed rates - The interest rate is fixed for the period agreed - often two to five years. You do not benefit if rates fall, and will face penalties if you try to quit

• Capped rates - These are fixed, but if rates fall you pay the lower rate

• Cash back deals - This is when lenders offer money back if you take out a particular product

• Discounted rates - Under this type of mortgage the borrower is offered a discount off the lender's variable rate. The rate paid will fluctuate in line with changes in the variable rate. The discount applies over a set term

No bettter time to talk to Touchline.

Halifax to raise standard variable rate to 3.99%
Halifax branch The move will affect about 850,000 borrowers

The UK's biggest mortgage lender, the Halifax, has confirmed it is raising its standard variable mortgage rate (SVR) from 1st May.

The Halifax said the rise - from 3.5% to 3.99% - was due to the higher cost of raising funds for mortgages from both savers and the financial markets.

On Friday, RBS raised the rate on two of its mortgages from 3.75% to 4%.

This affects 200,000 borrowers with RBS and NatWest offset mortgages and home loans from RBS's One Account range.

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Whether you're just starting out, buying property to let or looking for a home for your business, few of us will be able to afford the purchase without the support of a mortgage.

Finding out the size of the mortgage you'll need and then securing the right mortgage for your needs is an important decision.

This is where a mortgage adviser can help, by assessing your earning and borrowing potential and helping you determine your own attitude to risk. How much capital will you need to borrow without having unworkably high monthly repayments?

A mortgage is a long-term committment. It is our responsibility under the Financial Services Authority rules to take reasonable care to ensure the suitability of our advice. All we ask is that you discuss your circumstances and protection needs and we will advise you accordingly.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
Fixed rate mortgages
Variable tracker mortgages
Discounted mortgages
Offset Mortgages
Commercial Mortgages
Non Status Commercial Mortgages
Property Development Finance
Buy to Let

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Taking out buildings and contents insurance with your mortgage lender may be convenient, but it might not always give you the best protection for your money. Why not talk to one of our advisers before you buy? They can discuss general insurance products from big-name providers so that you end up with the right insurance for your needs.

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Halifax increases SVR cap for 40k customers. Are you one of the 40,000? If so we can help you at Touchline and also provide much needed funding to your club!
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