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Donald Beliakoff
Entrepreneur, Student, Author & Composer, Sound Engineer
Entrepreneur, Student, Author & Composer, Sound Engineer

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Kat Oxley - Jacksonville's Rising Country Star
Originally hailing from California, Kat Oxley transplanted to the beautiful North Florida region in 1992, and now considers herself a native. Kat has been singing since she was four, and started writing her own music at the age of thirteen. Artists such as ...

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My blog: Music Marketing & Entertainment Business Strategy.

Choosing Your Passion as Your Career
few people are blessed to realize early on in life what their true passion is
and are capable of making a career out of it. A second group of people knows
what their life’s calling is but are too afraid, for any number of reasons, to
pursue it as a career...

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"Whiskey and Wine"
When I first hear a song, the producer part of me goes first
to musicality and production quality. If I like it enough, I will go back and
listen to the lyrics and the vocal quality. The first time I heard Whiskey and Wine by
Rugged Grace on Chasing Your Dream...

Chasing Your Dream Requires More Labor Than You Think
In honor of this Labor Day , I wanted to pay homage to six
people. The first two are my father and father-in-law, both of whom
are veterans, came from very meager beginnings, and labored for fifty-plus
years to support families, provide college educations, ...

Kalli Ashton – “Worth Your While”
I love songs that take me by surprise, and that is exactly
what Kalli Ashton’s song "Worth Your While" did for me.   I was expecting some
boyfriend-glorifying refrain about how perfect life is with her man.   On the contrary, the song might have been

Brad McKinney - "The Picture That He Carries"
There are many reasons to fall in love with a song, but for
me, the lyrics in Brad McKinney's song "The Picture That He Carries" was the kicker. I almost didn’t hear the music until the third time I listened
to it, because the emotion behind his voice and t...

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There’s only a few things I know about Texas. It is big,
beautiful, and it generates some of the greatest country music artists in the
nation. No exception is the Shane Howard Band . Shane has been at
it for nineteen years, and those of you who read my blog...

“I would rather sing for the next 13 years than to live and never sing again.”
I think the title says it all, but please allow me
to expound on Katie's attitude a
bit. Musicians, singers, songwriters, and other artists are constantly faced
with a decision: Live the traditional life - trading hours for dollars in some
corporate "do-as-...

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Lord Have Mersi!
I’ve been producing music now for thirteen years. I’ve heard
it all – the good, the bad, and the mediocre. I’m rarely overcome with
excitement when I hear a new talent, but this time it’s different. Mersi Stone is a powerfully vibrant sister
duo originally ...
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