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10828: of love, life, and death
Perhaps I should start writing again. Memories fade, but written words last forever. Many times I tried to light the candle of this little blog of mine, many times the bustle of adult life snuff it out again. 28th May 2014 was the last entry. So much happen...

Getting roasted alive ..

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Need for speed!

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First 5km parkrun with my new shiny running shoes! (:

Want to join the attempt to break a world record? Join +The Kilt Run!

Think I got on the bingo bus ..

Seriously, 6th Tesco in Dundee?

Spread the word, sign up for +The Kilt Run

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Can there ever be a lovelier day than today? (:

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Struggled to finish a small pizza before realising I was mistakenly given a medium one. Pizza for breakfast then.
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