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We make your iPhone app work on Android
We make your iPhone app work on Android

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"Stop talking about the web as the future" – a new post on our blog by +Stephan Bönnemann.

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How to target physical pixels on retina screens with CSS. You might need this for iOS 7.

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Only 7 days after the WWDC '13 keynote we have submitted an iOS 7 app to the App Store. Read our blog to see how we did this.

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We were able to convert our app to iOS 7 within 7-days of Apple announcing iOS 7 at #WWDC 2013.  We could do it so quickly because we use HTML, CSS and Javascript to create what we call "pixel perfect" apps that run natively on both iPhone and Android.  

Haven't heard anything from +Sencha on iOS 7 yet.   +Appcelerator is working on something (  We did it in less than 7-days with a 2-person team using @PhoneGap. Native apps at the speed of the web!

We are obviously proud of this and the credit goes to +excellenteasy in Munich, Germany for having the foresight to jump on the iOS UI Guidelines as soon as they were published.

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Let's take an in-depth look at the "User Interface Characteristics of Mobile Operating Systems"

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We launched our new blog; Here is the first article. #apps   #ios   #android  

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Today I made the #switch from #iOS to #Android – from the #iPhone4S to the #GalaxyS3 .

I was a little scared that it would be impossible for me to leave the Apple ecosystem, with all the cool services and apps, behind.

Here are the statistics for my 100 most used apps:

57/100 could be replaced with the very same app.
22/100 could be replaced with an app of equal functionality  (I've experienced "data loss" five times though; 4xPrivate Sync solutions, 1xiCloud)
21/100 couldn't be replaced (11 of those created by Apple itself)

What I'm missing most:
iMessage, iOutBank, Remote (Apple TV), Music/iTunes Match, PhotoStream, Prototyping on Paper, carefully crafted apps in general

What I'm loving the most:
Swift Key, Widgets, Dotlock, tight Google integration, Ingress, returning apps, choosing standard apps

I paid 22$ to buy all of the apps, compared to gazillions spent on the AppStore.

All in all I'm satisfied, let's see what the future brings.
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