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Austin Acupuncture & Herb Health Center - Dr. Bindi Zhu, M.D. (China) L.Ac.

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"Dr. Zhu has established himself as a distinguished visiting professor who is providing his skills in traditional Chinese medicine to complement western medicine in the treatment of patients...Dr Zhu adds a body of knowledge and experience supported by his research and clinical applications that is unique. I have received several letters from physicians and community leaders in this community supporting the research and adjunctive therapy Dr. Zhu is providing to patients who might otherwise not respond to traditional Western medicine alone."

Acupuncture Austin
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Dr. Bindi Zhu, owner of the Austin Acupuncture & Herb Health Center, takes a holistic approach to wellness using acupuncture that encompasses both conventional and traditional medicine. By combining the information made available through modern diagnostic methods and traditional Chinese medicine, a wealth of knowledge is made available for diagnosis. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Zhu is a pioneer in the integration of conventional and Chinese medicine. By combining these two approaches and working with your foundation of caregivers, Dr. Zhu can help you reach your health potential.

We offer a free consultation and most Austin acupuncture insurance is accepted. Call 512-457-0886 for an appointment.
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