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I used it before on my Nexus 5, now I'm testing it on my HTC Butterfly S with Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5. It's almost perfect but there are some answers that are blanks.
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Unfortunately, I think the blank answers problem is on all devices. We have a fix in the beta version (1.0.9), I think.

Glad to hear that phone works, I'll turn it on.
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Alex Reyes

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I hope to win the nexus 4!
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Alex Reyes

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So, did you get JB? I have a UK handset and nope :(
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Got the upgrade in India! Feels much smoother. Specially the scrolling.
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Alex Reyes

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I will give it a crack... Is it possible to smooth the sound out? great work.
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Alex Reyes

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Alex Reyes

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Win your very own Omate TrueSmart >> Simply +1 and Share our page to public!! We're watching and will be picking a lucky winner. Help spread the word, world's awesomest truly smart #Smartwatch, also world's smallest #Smartphone on your wrist, welcome to the new generation of Smartwatch 2.0 :) Support us - thanks!
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This new g+ app version is awesome :-) 
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I am looking forward to instant uploads being available on G+ pages. That way I can share relevant information about my work. This would save loading the photos on computer or re-sharing with my other pages...
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Read this!
Okay, like most entrepreneurs, I have ZERO time to workout, ZERO time to take care of myself, I'm happy that I can at least bathe myself once a day (j/k)!... BUT that's all a bunch of B.S.!

It may seem like you have NO TIME but no one seems to ask; "what is NOT taking care of myself costing me?" Believe me, I know exactly what it costs.

When I was 23 I underwent low back surgery. I've had chronic back problems since, even days were my left leg goes numb. I got caught in that pain. I got caught up in working ALL the time and everyday it seemed my back pain was getting worse and worse, I grew more lethargic, and honestly depressed. My MIND and Body were not aligned for success and my business suffered because of it.

About a year ago, I got feed up. I said to myself; "this is not how my life is going to be, I deserve to feel better!"

I made a simple pack with myself that every weekday, I would do a workout. No matter how small, no matter how few of minutes. I would at least break a sweat.

I would eat healthier and lighter meal and I completely got rid of Alcohol!

This small approach quickly fueled a change to a healthier lifestyle and healthier habits.

The Results. I'm now at about 8% body fat, my back pain, doesn't bother me nearly as much (I can go running again!!!), I feel great when I wake up and GET THIS, this is a huge one for me and I barely believe it myself.... My MIND is sharper and faster than it ever has been before! My mind is on FIRE with ideas and solutions all the time!

All because I started to MAKE TIME for Myself! Take care of Myself! You don't have to do Everything! Just Do the Small Things Right. Get up in the morning a START your Heart.. do some squats (no weight), do a few pushups, crunches. Just jumpstart yourself. You'd be amazed how great you feel just starting your day that way. Let that lead you to the gym in the morning.

If you're an Entrepreneur, You HAVE TO take care of yourself!!! You deserve it! You're Company deserves it! There is no excuses! MAKE TIME for it and Just do the small things right (hint, they lead to doing big things right)!

My buddy +Drew Canole has been quietly turning my flabby entrepreneurial friends into powerful, reinvigorated, ripped business studs. Drew put together a great list of 7 Quick Body Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurs and I'm totally digging his tips. I've already started to implement several of them into my diet and day!

Check out Drew's article and business at FitLife.TV
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Engineer looking for inspiration
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