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If you're unlucky enough to have brought bed bugs into your home (for example on your holiday suitcase), it's important to call a professional. Successfully controlling bed bugs requires thorough inspection of the house and detailed treatments, often using a combination of techniques.

Don't be tempted to try and use a insecticide spray – many bed bugs are resistant to the insecticides in supermarket problems and spraying them can actually disperse them to other parts of the house, making the harder to control.

If you think you have bed bugs, give Pink Pest Control a call

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We're still in the middle of flea season. As soon as you notice your pet scratching or spot one or two fleas, it's time to act - it can quickly become a flea infestation! Successful flea treatments require a comprehensive treatment, inside and outside the home. All our treatments are applied safely, protecting your family and pets.

#fleacontrolsydney - Sticky pads do not solve the root of the problem of a roach infestation, but can prevent them from spreading further in to your room. Read blog to know more! - Being obliged to share your bed with a blood-sucking parasite can impact upon the sleep habits of even the most hardened sleeper. Read more here. - Pest removal techniques have made use of a parasite in the millipede, a netatode to keep areas and homes free of this species. To know more, read our blog. - Rodent control in Sydney is greatly related to preparation and good habits, so follow these to ensure your home stays empty of rodents this winter. Read more. - Have a look at this infographic to understand what to expect when you hire a professional pest exterminator.

Post has attachment - Read our blog on how Drones and Pest Control Innovations in Sydney have helped to fight against ruinous pest infestations.

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Are you a Sydney local? Take a look at our brand new suburb profiles on and find out if we've been in your area recently.

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