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Just noticed Genesis seems to be using Form Ninjas now over Gravity Forms on all demos. Perhaps this is old news, but anyone else had experience working with this Form Ninja? How does it compare to Gforms in terms of expandability?

edit - okay I looked a little deeper and it seems pretty awesome. Still wondering others personal experiences.

Be careful what you block in robots.txt - Googles new page rendering tool offers a good reminder. 

- If you block /wp-includes/ via robots.txt (some hosts or plugins add this) and serve jQuery from its default location, which is in wp-includes -  then Google won't fetch jQuery, therefore not knowing about your mobile nav menus and anything powered by jQuery.

It has been rumored that UX plays some role in search, so don't block important resources so Google knows that your website is awesome!

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Howdy all,

I put together this handy chart (of course its built using Genesis) to allow you to compare the major managed WordPress hosting companies different plans at once.

Note: this is only a comparison of the Managed WP hosts - like +WP Engine  +Pressable, getflywheel, +Pagely®, websynthesis- those with a similar offering.

Still a work in progress, any thoughts or feedback are appreciated!

Does anybody know if there are there any plans to get some of the Genesis theme options from the settings page over to the native WP theme customizer?

I've been putting together a new base child theme for myself, and have put great use to the new customizer area instead of using a child theme settings page. I've managed to get some Genesis settings to reflect in the customizer, but can't for the life of me figure out how to save from customizer to back into Genesis settings.

Things like default layout and the theme color settings seem like they could also have controls over there.

Any thoughts, ideas, or guidance?

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Enabling html5 - Important to note if you were using the beta version or either RC for theme development, the function to enable html5 changed from add_theme_support "genesis-html5" to "html5" in the official 2.0 release.  Took me a second to catch on to that one.

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