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Benjamin Eisenhofer
I'm from Germany. I play rpg's and I prefer old school dming. D&D, Traveller. ಠ_ಠ
I'm from Germany. I play rpg's and I prefer old school dming. D&D, Traveller. ಠ_ಠ

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Das zusammen mit einem cthuloiden oder anders übernatürlichen Einfluss dürfte ein ziemlich wildes Setting abgeben. Heim-Wanzen im Auftrag der CIA ... oder?

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+Zak Sabbath I play Vampire: Prelude and I just met Avery and it's fucking epic and I love it.

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For all SW d6 2nd ed lovers: Galaxy Guide 13 Rogue One.
One of the real WEG guys put together this little unofficial Rogue One Galaxy Guide with WEG style art and everything. This is a nostalgic rush.

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Puh, Glück gehabt.

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Hmm hmm. Interessant. Vogelgrippe wegen Massentierhaltung? Würde mich nicht wundern.

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I get the feeling my actual group is totally badass. :D
Lil' warm-up sketch from last night's RPG session DM'd by +Benjamin Eisenhofer​​ as I'm making myself familiar with my character Asiri, the wolfen assassin!

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If someone knows someone?
Back on the Brain Bazaar


I am on leave from my current position, and am now looking for new opportunities in 2017.

Here are a couple things I know and like to do:

* I can talk both engineer and leadership
* I am effective at building teams and trust with co-workers
* I know about communications tools to maintain and develop technical solutions (i.e., design docs, blameless post mortems)
* I know a bit about talking to people and stakeholders to figure out their wants and needs
* I know about public speaking
* I know about managing expectations
* I know about security
* I know about BSI Grundschutz and ISO 27001 certification
* I know about building cloud infrastructure and services, especially in an OpenStack context
* I know about Linux
* I know about macOS

If you know of a job based in Berlin that may fit that ticket, let me know. I am happy to fulfill a role that includes traveling.
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