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The Saga Concludes
In an earlier post ( here ) the saga of the dead
bear began. That post catalogued the species that my camera trap photographed
as they came to feed on the bear’s carcass. It extended from the day we found
the bear until an eastern coyote dragged away the re...

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A Dog in Forest and Field
The dog’s name is Trudi; although she vaguely resembles a small German Shepard, that's not what she is – she’s pure dog of undetermined
ancestry. She was a shelter dog twice over, adopted once and returned until she
was adopted by our son and his family. Tr...

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"Beneath the Ledge" is Finished
The most reliable spot for my camera traps
to capture photographs of bobcats was beneath the ledge of a rock
outcrop on the edge of a plateau. That location produced a number of very nice
photos, some of which were featured in earlier posts: here and here ,...

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Saga of the Dead Bear
A couple of days before New Year’s Day our
oldest granddaughter, her husband, their dog and I were walking in a wooded
area when one of us (guess which one) found a dead bear partially covered with
snow. This was an opportunity too good to pass up, so I dec...

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Number 200
This is the 200 th post of In Forest and Field , a minor milestone and one that will be highlighted
with a somewhat different topic. I’ve been collecting quotations that have
struck my fancy for over 45 years. I'd like to share some
of my favorites that rel...

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Spring, Spring, Spring
It wasn’t that long ago that we had 17
inches of fresh snow on the ground, but now spring has arrived in full force.
Suddenly tree buds, like this bitternut hickory, are swelling – The apple trees are leafing-out and
showing their pink flower buds – The asp...

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Hangin' On There
Winter’s over, the days are getting longer, buds are beginning to burst
and the birds that come north in the spring are arriving. Here in the eastern
deciduous forest the leaves on the hardwoods lost their chlorophyll last fall
and began to fall to the grou...

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Scribe Marks
Walking along an old woods road on a large
tract of woodland I was brought up short by some marks in the bark of a
tree. These weren’t the marks created by the
claws of a bear climbing the tree. No, these marks were made by human hands,
hands wielding a too...

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Spring weather came early this year with
temperatures in the 70s in February – but then the weather reverted to more
normal conditions. When the temperature is well below freezing, some of the
river backwaters freeze from bank to bank – I n quiet places alo...

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The Round of the Year - Winter
seems like a bleak season and many people feel that it’s unpleasant to be out
in the cold and snow. But, just as in other seasons, there’s always pleasure to
be found in the natural world and interesting things to see. Early
winter can see deep cold ...
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