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Just one of many languages that are fading into extinction. Letting native peoples speak their own tongue is a vital step in raising the level of education amongst the poor worldwide.

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my blog has made 60 cents.... somehow that was alot more exciting when i first checked it on the account mgmt page, now... less so.

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An important petition for all Australian's that care about the eradication of preventable diseases. Please read, and consider adding your voice.
petition is directed at current Federal Minister for health

House finished. woot not living with parents for first time in 5 years (ok so they are next door but like whatever). oh and thankyou to anyone who read my latest story. Thinking maybe I should do a few more in the shorter format. Seems to be alot more popular based on the number of pageviews - I realise that isn't the number of actual "readers" ;)

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been busy but new chapters and a xmas story coming soon...

New house almost built. Spent sunday filling in the power cable trench, and putting on the final coat of paint for the walls and doors. setting and hanging the doors and hinges. Just need to cut out one more window, tile the kitchen, and it'll be good to go. Next job digging a pit for the swimming pool... arrgggh my poor lil' computer hands.... <cry>. - I have a bad feeling I'ma spending xmas working for my pudding.
I'll post a picture from inside and outside once its done.

Hallucinating from being awake too much. Just saw a fish float past my window.

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